Some men go the extra mile and have fun elsewhere. So their extra marital affairs keep them busy. Well, there are other bunch of men who don’t simply like their wives; so they anyway go home late only after a million reminders from their wives.

when your husband comes home late, first analyse the reasons behind that habit before taking action.

If It Is His Career…. Firstly, admire his passion and support him. If your husband comes home late from work only due to his love towards his career then you can always support him. But also remind him that his health and family would suffer if he is too engrossed in his work ignoring everything else.

If It Is His Friends…. Remind him that friends are not bad but when they are taking too much of his attention and time then it is better to cut it down a bit. Remind him that family comes first and then should come friends.

If It Is His Addictions… Quickly convince him about the advantages of a rehabilitation center. Addictions must be carefully dealt as they destroy health and relationships.

If It Is Another Woman… It totally depends upon how you deal with it and how you digest the fact. When a man is having fun elsewhere secretly it is up to his wife whether she forgives him or simply breaks up and moves on. Read more about: relationships, marriage, husband, wife, office