Dumping your boyfriend is a stressful job.  There are some smart ways to dumb your boyfriend or make him leave you. If you are unhappy in the existing relationship and want to end the romance for some or the other reason.

Just remember that you keep your cool and deal it smartly especially if your boyfriend is very short-tempered and over-possessive controlling freak! 

1. Introduce To The New Guy : It is a smart and direct way to dump your boyfriend. Call him at a place. Now introduce him to the new guy who has won your heart. It is a direct sign of breakup!

2. Relationship Status: If you do not have the strength to tell on the face, then just change your relationship status on social networking sites. Go single and be prepared to answer him.

3. Drop A Text:  It is another trick to dump your boyfriend. Often women melt down when they see their guy crying or begging to stay. If you are firm with your decision, then don’t meet. Just drop a text. Breakup through texting.

4. Use A Mutual Friend:  If you do not want to end it yourself, then call up a mutual friend and send the message to your guy. The friend might help heal a broken heart much better.

5. Flirt Outrageously:  When out with your boyfriend, you can try this trick to dump him. Flirt with other guys and when questioned, simply reply, “You do not seem to interest me anymore.” Your task is done!!!

6. Write Down:  To break a very serious relationship, you can pen down and send it to your boyfriend. It is a classic trick that women use to dump their boyfriend.

7. Don’t give him false hope. If there is no way that you’re ever going to date him again, just say so and move on.