If you are an addict of hot water, especially when it comes to washing your hair, now is the time to stop before you lose all your hair!

My father has a bald spot – his pate is like a stainless steel plate.

Guess what, he uses unbelievably hot water to bathe and I have often wondered if there was a connection between the scalding hot water and the desert spot…

Well, while this is not scientific presentation, you must know that hot water actually does hot your hair – the effects are adverse


Hot water opens up the scalp pores, and totally cleans off natural scalp, leaving the hair follicles brittle. The result of this brittleness is hair-fall and hair-breakage.

“I decided to wash my hair with some hot-warm water. While I was shampooing and conditioning my hair, I realised that there were a lot of hair in my hand… as I washed my hair, and kept passing my finger through my hair, more hair was coming out and I was being very gentle.. Then I realised that it was the hot water…” Riana Ramdeo, a woman, posted on a forum.

In conclusion, hot water weakens the hair roots and makes the hair strand more vulnerable to falling off.

So if you want to wash your hair, try using mildly warm water and rinse off with cold water and rinsing your hair with cold water has been proven to make it shinier!

Whenever heat applied to your hair it causes damage. This is why curling irons, hair straighteners and other hair heating gadgets cause damage.

Have you noticed that women you have never relaxed their hair and used a hair drier usually have less hair breakage? The heat of the drier actually hurts the scalp, especially after the chemicals in the relaxer has weakened it.

Overall, you should just go natural and avoid too much heat around your hair.

Hair Care Tips

The less heat you apply to your hair, the better – basically keep your hair away from heat!

Serious hair washing should be 2-3 times a week (women only, not every day. This does not stop you from getting your hair wet while bathing.

Its best to let the hair dry before combing it because the hair strands are weakest when wet.

Eat more fruits and veggies and protein-rich foods.

Comb or brush your hair gentle and from the bottom, moving upwards – not the other way round.

Drink lots of water!!!