13 Celebrities Whose Addiction To Snapchat,Welcomes You Into Their Lives

selena snap13 Celebrities Whose Addiction To SnapchatWelcomes You Into Their Lives

In today’s age, celebrities aren’t unreachable anymore. Thanks to the evolution of social media you no longer wonder how Rihanna lives or what Gigi Hadid likes to do on her spare time. Thanks to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and now the most interactive app ever, Snapchat; not many stars have much of a private life anymore.

Hey, we aren’t complaining! We enjoy watching how the other side rolls and even how our favorite stars relate to us.  Snapchat acts as a live photo and video stream with fun options to pencil in drawings; type in messages, filter in your location, filter your face, and video editing options. Here are 13 celebrities whose addiction to Snapchat have welcomed us into their lives.

13.Jessica Alba: jessicamalba

Jessica Alba Instagram

via: Jessica Alba Instagram

Actress, business owner, and amazing mommy Jessica Alba is an avid user of Snapchat. The creator of The Honest Company let’s us in to her business meetings, dinners with family and friends, special moments with her daughters, and even candid photos of herself. If you’re looking for a raging party celebrity snapchat, Jessica’s account is not the one for you.

The Sin City star lives an upscale yet low key family life with husband Cash Warren and their two daughters. Warren was in fact the star of her snaps recently, as he recovers from a torn Achilles tendon and celebrated a birthday. Jessica’s photos and videos were a reassurance that the producer is in good spirits despite bringing in the new year in crutches.

12.Selena Gomez: selenagomez

Selena Gomez Twitter

via: Selena Gomez Twitter

Who doesn’t love this Latina little lady? Selena is a fan of selfies, filtered videos with friends, backstage footage, and taking onlookers into exclusive celebrity events. Her California girl lifestyle is fun, sincere, and laid back; just like her! I know what you’re really wondering….don’t worry I’m going to give it to you.

The answer is yes! Justin Bieber has been featured on her snaps a few times before. The “Hands to Myself” singer had a snap video actually go viral after she captured a night with her Hillsong church’s youth group and pastor Carl Lentz, Justin Bieber’s mentor. Justin was hanging out on the couch next to Selena after missing in action for quite a while following their last break up.

11.Perez Hilton: theperezhilton


via: perezhilton.com

Celebrity news blogger Perez Hilton opens the doors to his New York City lifestyle with his insanely adorable kids and his spicy Cuban momma! Get ready to experience NYC’s most sensational views, walk Time Square (a lot), make funny faces with son Mario Armando, get exclusive on the spot news, and go backstage to all of Perez’s on camera appearances.

There’s no way you can expect less than fun snaps from celebrity-gossiper turned celebrity himself, Perezito. The outspoken Latino proves to be quite the multitask-er as he juggles being a single dad, his now beyond popular website perezhilton.com, and guest appearances at various news and radio stations. How does he do it? With the support of all of you Snapchatters of course!

10.Rihanna: rihanna


via: labelsandlove.eu

Everyone’s favorite bad gal will take you into a whirlwind of risquee moments, corner store adventures, insane parties, and lots and lots of backstage twerking….lots. Leandra, a childhood friend and a member of Rihanna’s close knit team,  created a snapchat for the “Diamonds” singer. The fact that Lele boo (Instagram name) handles the snap process most of the time allows us to see the star in her most candid moments.

How can we forget the famous twerking snap to ex-boyfriend Drake’s “Motto” around the same time of his huge fight with ex-love Chris Brown? Or the video at Coachella 2015 that went viral after Riri seemed to be caught “partying” too hard at a table behind a dancing Leandra? This is one snap that never disappoints!

9.Justin Bieber: rickthesizzler


via: heyitsremi.com

Justin Bieber is much more into capturing silly moments than revealing parts of his already very public life. The “What Do You Mean” singer loves the “post and delete” game on Instagram. Lucky for him Snapchat only allows you a few seconds to watch before it disappears forever! We do love snapchat’s Rick the Sizzler for his crosseyed selfies, smack attacks, and sexy shirtless shots.

The bad boy gone good shows us bits and pieces of his life on the road with his team and lots of his time lying in bed. Sorry ladies no juicy pictures of J.B in his Calvin Klein’s but maybe we will put the idea in his head after he reads this article 😉  Add this sizzling star to your snap list to have a laugh or two and maybe store a few screenshots in your camera roll (Warning..Snapchat does alert users when you screen shot their photos LoL )

8.Gigi Hadid: itsgigihadid


via: trendencias.com

It’s a supermodel paradise. Gigi Hadid is usually pretty timid, unless she’s at the center of the lens. Her personal Snapchat isn’t an exception as the model captures moments with her model friends and her “boyfriend-not my boyfriend,” Zayn Malik.

Hadid took to Snap to post a black and white filtered video of Zayn giggling over something she wanted him “to do again.” He responds in his adorable English accent and in between laughs, “I’m not going to do it again.” Aw thanks snap for “confirming-not confirming,” that Gigi and Zayn are indeed an item.

7.Violet Benson: DaddyIsssuesla

Daddy Issues Instagram

Daddy Issues Instagram

She is the creator of all of your favorite memes ever! Violet Benson, better known as Daddy Issues, took over Instagram last year having everyone in tears with her hilarious yet relatable memes and equally amusing captions. She hid her identity for quite sometime until she finally decided to reveal herself through an online interview.

After her big reveal, we started to see more of Violet, a blue-eye blonde beauty who doesn’t take herself seriously for one snap second. Expect lots of stick figure drawings of Benson’s “boyfriends”, photos of triple scoop sprinkle ice cream cones, and rants about how bad she THINKS she looks without make-up. If you love wine, being single, and laughing at yourself once in a while, DaddyIssuesLa is the snap story for you!

6.Jennifer Lopez: jlobts


via: snapcrack.co

She’s one of the biggest superstars in the world and now she is just a snap away! The Puerto Rican singer, dancer, actress, mom (we can go on and on) loves to share her busy days with her fellow Snapchatters. J.Lo takes you from American Idol‘s backstage to the Shades of Blue make-up chair, then straight back home with Max and Emme.

Jenny from the block loves her fierce selfies, big laughs with her co-workers and friends and red carpet moments that you can only view through her eyes. Here’s another way that the “Booty” singer proves that “age ain’t nothing but a number” as she remains fresh and hip with her fun snaps!

5.Ashley Benson: benzo33


via: reddit.com

There’s always that one girl that snaps absolutely every single moment in her life; we’re so glad that girl is Pretty Little Liar‘s star Ashley Benson. Her snap stories go something like this; Ashley walking through the airport, Ashley in her make up chair, Ashley takes a selfie with cute boy, Ashley shaves and cuts her legs, Oh no Ashley’s blood, Ashley plays Paparazzi as she approaches Shay Mitchell, Ashley partying. Did you like it?

Benzo33 gets up close and personal on Snapchat. She’s just another girl, except she plays pretend for a living and takes over your television screen during PLL Netflix binges. This is a fun one to keep up with!

4.Ariana Grande: moonlightbabe

Arina snap

via: twistmagazine.com

Serenity, puppies, and selfies. Ariana Grande is Moonlight Babe on Snapchat. See Ariana’s backstage preparations, where and who she is traveling with, and get ready to get to know Ophelia, Toulouse, and the rest of Ari’s dogs. The girl with the huge voice also has a bit of a potty mouth, which is both hilarious and real.

We like to know that our stars are regular people too right? That’s what Snapchat gives us, a chance to experience singers like diva-fabulous Ariana Grande during her “Oh s*** dad, you just popped out of nowhere” moments. Because she always “serves us truth” go follow our girl Ariana Grande on Snapchat.

3.Ryan Seacrest: ryanseacrest


via: exploregram.com

Media mogul and best friend to the stars, Ryan Seacrest, wants to share even more of his life with us! It’s not enough that he is the host/producer of every entertainment show in America, he wants you to see more! Aw, we love Ryan, and his Snapchat helps us figure out how he balances his 945,000,000 jobs.

A stand up guy indeed, Ryan Seacrest loves to snap his famous friends. Most of Seacrest’s video and photos reflect his busy life in Hollywood. From celebrity friends, to possible girlfriends, and wardrobe changes (did you catch my insert there), Ryan’s life is fabulous.

2.DJ Khaled: djkhaled305


via: theybf.com

Inspiration is key. He’s the best! Who? Him! Award winning producer DJ Khaled uses his Snapchat to motivate others to be great. He snaps videos of himself quoting inspirational sayings to encourage those with big dreams to never give up. If you’re in need of some uplifting, check out Djkhaled305.

Whether he is giving you his “MAJOR KEYS” for success on the elliptical or in the shower, the Miami music mogul cares about you. Learn why “THEY” want to keep you down, how to beat them and feel the love with “FAN LUV.” Get your daily advice from someone who is doing pretty well in life don’t you think? This might be the most distinctive and productive Snapchat account that exist within our list.

1.Kyle Jenner: kylizzlemynizzl


via: mirror.co.uk

Save the best for last. Kylie Jenner snaps her life away. We lived her entire relationship with rapper Tyga all the way from her 18th birthday ( 😉 ) until it recently ended. Travel inside of Kylie’s expensive rides, play with her dogs, joke around with her famous family/friends, and enjoy the hair changes everyday.

There’s never a dull moment on Kylizzle’s snapchat. From the lavish parties in the hills to the backstage shows of Kylie’s famous friends. A Kardashian or Jenner is always present on Kylie’s snaps and we get to see the most intimate moments of her life. Because a reality show, a personal app, and Instagram posts aren’t enough for us, Kylie feeds our obsession with more…Kylie.