Family is one’s “safe haven,” and it’s all the more so painful when people closest to you hurt you. Our reader Ola writes us and asks for an advice in family matters.

My name is Ola and I have a sister who is 5 years my junior and a very wayward person. She’s my “problem,” if I may say so. She is always disresepcted and emarrassed me, especially in public and among our friends. One time, she caused so much discomfort to me in front of our friends by disgracing me that I had to burst into tears. After this, I swore not to consider her a sister again, in other words, I disowned her.

Our parents tried to resolve the matter and reconcile us, but I refused to. My father, who has never praised me for the good that I do, only pointing out my mistakes, now despises and rebukes me for my decision.

I now do not know if I can ever forgive my sister for her personality and my parents for taking sides in this conflict. What should I do in this situation?