1. A monk and his brother

2. Ashol Pan, the 13-year-old eagle huntress from Mongolia.

3. Strangers on public transit try to save a woman who attempted suicide with a fruit knife.

4. A Palestinian girl with a rifle in Gaza City

5. A young survivor. She lived 11 days in the Siberian forest.

6. An Ethiopian girl from the Hamer tribe

7. Siberian family meal

8. An alcoholic father and his child

9. A Syrian rebel, seven-years-old

10. These intense eyes

11. Mother and daughter

12. HkUJvbr

13. Tea time in the Yamal Peninsula near Siberia

14. A Chinese coal miner

15. A soldier

16. A couple in Iowa finally get married after 72 years together.

17. A mother and daughter, both attacked by their husband and father with acid.

18. Blind albino boys who attend a mission school for the blind in India.

19. An 18-year-old IDF soldier in battle paint, after running

20. A woman taking a break at Burning Man

21. Three-week old baby with albinism, sleeping next to her his cousin in Kinshasa, Congo.

22. A Vietnamese rice farmer

23. Malagasy girl walks through the trees, Madagascar

24. Traditional attire and body paint worn by a young Ethiopian boy in the nomadic Suri tribe.

25. Toshimana, a Geisha’s apprentice in Kyoto, Japan

26. A Yezidi girl sits at the Iraqi-Syrian border crossing

27. A man who saved his little sister from underneath the remains of their home in Syria.

28. A Yezidi girl protects her family from ISIS with an assault rifle.

29. A poor farmer and his son, the graduate