Health Tips Nutritionist Tell You To Follow But Don’t Do

Make AStockOfHealthyFastFoods

Day after day I counsel my patients on what they should do to eat well and have a healthy lifestyle. Most of these are things I also practice myself, since I feel it’s important to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. But sometimes when I give a particular piece of advice, I find myself making a mental note: “Hmmm, I should do more of that too!” For instance, as often as I tell my patients to pack a snack when traveling—especially if going to the airport—I inevitably find myself there empty-handed, having to scavenge for healthy bites before my plane departs. (Luckily those healthier options are getting easier to find.)

Truth be told, I don’t always do everything I tell my patients to do. So I decided to ‘fess up and asked nine other brave nutritionists in private practice to join me. Here’s the advice they struggle to follow, even when it’s coming out of their own mouths.