Oxygen water is water that has been enriched with oxygen. It contains extra added oxygen as compared to other types of drinking water. Producing oxygenated water is a multistage process, in which, firstly the water is filtered to get rid of impurities.

Charged active oxygen is then allowed to combine with purified water to produce water enriched with oxygen. Unlike energy drinks that often contain a lot of sugar and other chemicals, oxygenated water is a pure mix of water and oxygen, and nothing else. Drinking this water containing high levels of dissolved oxygen is said to provide plenty of benefits.
Naturally Boosts Immune Defense
When you drink oxygenated water, you are essentially providing an oxygen-rich environment to your body. Such an environment provides good growing conditions for the ‘friendly bacteria’ that reside in the digestive system. Whereas, disease-causing pathogens do not survive when there is adequate oxygen. The viruses and the bacteria that cause a host of infection die, but the ‘good’ bacteria flourish in an oxygen-rich environment. Thus, drinking oxygenated water regularly can help combat and even prevent infections, by improving immunity.

Improves Digestion
The friendly bacteria that reside in our intestines help in the breakdown of ingested food and promote digestion. As good bacteria thrive in oxygen-rich conditions, drinking oxygenated water may contribute in improving digestion.

Promotes Aerobic Respiration
Cellular respiration, in which the cells derive energy from the food ingested, can be either aerobic or anaerobic. When cellular respiration occurs in the presence of oxygen, it is called aerobic respiration, and when it occurs in the absence of oxygen, it is called anaerobic respiration. Aerobic respiration is considered to be the most effective way to obtain energy from food molecules.

Reduces Lactic Acidosis
Lactic acidosis is a condition in which there is excess accumulation of lactic acid―a by-product of anaerobic respiration―in the blood and a sharp fall in oxygen levels. This usually occurs when performing exercise at a high intensity. During an intense exercise session, oxygen requirements of the muscle tissues are greater than the blood can supply. Hence, the body switches from an aerobic to an anaerobic mode (absence of oxygen) for energy production. However, too much of lactic acid is often responsible for causing muscle aches, fatigue, and prolonged recovery periods. In order to significantly decrease lactic acidosis and maximize oxygen delivery, drinking oxygenated water during exercise is recommended. This oxygen-enriched water delays anaerobic respiration during exercise, which helps boost performance output.

Maintains a Healthy pH Range
Striking the right body pH balance is the key to staying healthy. Often, eating the wrong food lowers the body’s pH, creating an acidic environment. However, drinking oxygenated water encourages an oxygen-rich alkaline environment, thereby helping to balance pH levels. So, apart from eating healthy foods, drinking this oxygen-enriched water promotes alkalinity counterbalances the acidic environment created by certain foods.

Boosts Energy Levels
With more oxygen circulating in the bloodstream, you may feel more energetic, alert, and less tired during the day. Drinking oxygenated water can help maintain blood oxygen in the healthy range. This ensures that your blood transports enough oxygen to the muscles and the brain, thus boosting overall stamina and well-being.

Reduces Cancer Risk
Cancer cells tend to multiply in a low-oxygen environment. However, by drinking oxygenated water regularly, more oxygen is available at the cellular level, making it difficult for cancer cells to live. This oxygen-infused water that creates an oxygen-rich environment may help protect the body from cancerous growth.

Unfortunately, the various oxygenated water benefits have not withstood the test of scientific scrutiny. These claims are made by bottled water companies, and as such, have not been endorsed by the medical fraternity at large. In fact, experts are of the opinion that a couple of deep breaths can deliver more oxygen than that present in a quart of oxygenated water, and that it is not possible to absorb oxygen by swallowing it. However, if you feel that oxygenated water is improving your overall health and not burning a hole in your pocket, you can always have it to maintain fluid balance. Oxygenated water is found to be safe, provided it is consumed before the expiration date printed on the bottle.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.

By Nicks J

Source:  Buzzle.com