A crush on a co-worker makes your work day seem more interesting as you may have lots in common, although you may not want to risk a relationship in case things don’t work out.

If you spend each day in the office you may see your attractive co-worker more than your roommate and friends, so having a crush on a co-worker can be a real problem. Rather than being stuck trying to avoid your co-worker in the office after an unsuccessful relationship you can control and stop the crush altogether.

Focus on the bad things:

  • Make a list of all the reasons why a crush on your co-worker is a bad idea and think about the potential discomfort that your crush could cause at work. You could also think about the potential for malicious gossip as you may still have to work with your co-worker if things don’t work out, eat in the same canteen, and have to share projects as well as work together on other tasks.

Read your company’s policy on workplace dating as many employers frown on workplace dating as they know the potential disruption it can cause when things don’t work out. Favoritism may also result if your crush is above or below you in the corporate ladder. Focus on your crush’s bad points and habits and disregard their good points, but be careful not to obsess.

Find alternative directions:

  • If you have a crush on a co-worker you can distract yourself by finding other things to focus on for example you could plan a weekend trip with friends, take up a new hobby, read a book, or start writing. Give yourself something to think about other than your crush. For example by taking up a language you could start concentrating on that every time you find yourself thinking about your crush. Finally remember how harmful your crush could be and do your best to focus on other things.

Other tips:

  • To stop your crush on a co-worker you could also ask a friend to set you up with someone else so you can move on as the best way to get over a crush is by crushing on someone else, someone you can have a real relationship with.

SOURCE: www.helpful.com