#1 Know them ahead of time

Doing his homework always leads to good grades from the parents! A guy who prepares ahead of time and learns about the likes and dislikes of his girlfriend’s parents never fails to impress her family. Doing his homework can lead to fruitful conversations and warm interactions.

#2 Save the date

Learning and remembering important family dates like the dad’s birthday or the parents’s anniversary is key to showing the parents how thoughtful of a man he is.

#3 Use your phone

Calling them to wish them a happy new year/anniversary/birthday or just dropping them a hello never fails to impress a girl’s parents. It shows thoughtfulness and commitment to maintaining a long-term relationship with her family.

#4 Bringing it down a notch

A guy who cools the PDA with his girlfriend in front of her parents shows the ‘rents that he respects the father and all those around them. Too much affection shown tends to make anyone uncomfortable.

#5 Honesty counts

Dishonesty is always easily detectable by parents.Why? Because they’re looking for it! A man who is honest is sure to impress a girl’s parents.

#6 Gifts that keep on giving

It’s important for a guy to bring his girlfriend’s parents a gift when first meeting them. A gift that is thoughtful hows that he’s done his homework and made sure that he didn’t just buy what was easy to pick out, but what was appropriate for the parents.

#7 Show commitment

Parents easily detect an unreliable guy because at their age, they’ve seen it all. Don’t show signs of flakiness or lack of commitment. Do what you say you will do, and you’ll impress them with your mature understanding of responsibility.

#8 Chivalry is never dead

A guy is sure to impress his girlfriend’s parents when he exhibits gentlemanly behavior like opening the door for her mother or offering his coat to his girlfriend.

#9 Do the dishes

Parents love a boy who offers to help out — whether it’s mowing the lawn, fixing their fence, or doing the dishes after dinner. This behavior shows the parents what kind of man the guy will be at home in the future.

#10 Good dose of curiosity

It’s important that the guy shows interest in the life and hobbies of his girlfriend’s parents. Showing a healthy dose of curiosity by asking questions helps assure the parents that he’s an engaging individual who cares.