Men are unpredictable. Well to be honest this applies to both sexes. Amid the craziness of having a successful relationship and getting that Mr right, below are some slip-ups you should rethink before letting go:

1. ARRIVES LATE ON YOUR FIRST DATE. Trust me this is not just restricted to the “oyinbos”. The whole idea is for the guy to wait for the girl or they both arrive at the same time. Any guy who is trying to woo a girl will try to impress her thus arriving on time to show how committed he is but certain can factors can deter this hence a second chance can be given. Maybe his phone battery died (trying to call you and inform you of his lateness), really horrible traffic, the list is endless. If this happens consistently then he is not committed. Let Go!

2. SHY GUY This can be so cute (lol) at least I find it so. Shy men tend to get preoccupied with trying to overcome their shyness around a girl they really do like, so when your trying to make a conversation with him and it seems like he’s not listening don’t get mad. Keep him calm and reassuring him that you don’t bite. Give him time to open up. At least the second date should do just that.

3. HE FORGETS YOUR NAME Clearly he’s got things on his mind to forget his date’s name *rolls eyes*. Although to be honest, it’s a bit difficult pronouncing or remembering native names *just saying*. Help him pronounce this properly. This should no longer be an obstacle on the second date.

4. YOU DON’T FEEL A THING Every girl wants to feel that spark on the first date. Most times this doesn’t happen so give him another shot and that little spark may just grow into a big flame.

5. CONSTANTLY ON THE PHONE On a date with this guy you like and he ends up being on the phone most of the time. Errrrm… This can hurt. A lot. If you really like this guy and his excuses for being on the phone for that long is valid maybe he deserves another chance to prove himself.

6. WRONG TIMING It’s funny how the best of relationships don’t work the first time around. If a man seems noncommittal the first time, it may be as a result of so many things. When and if he comes around again and he’s ready to give it a try, why not try again…