I met her online a year ago. We got to know each other through chatting and got along very well. She lives in another town, not far away from where I reside, and her relatives live here, so we meet quite often. I can say it was “love at first sight” for me, add to this that I’d already liked her personality.

We had to spend this month apart because I broke my leg and couldn’t move much, and she couldn’t visit. I really missed her and was happy when she called me to inform her mother will be out of town this weekend. So I invited her over to my place.

I called on Saturday morning, then a few hours later, but she didn’t pick up. Finally, she said she overslept and was busy later. Ok, but I couldn’t sleep out of excitement and kept checking my phone! Nevermind.

When she got to my town, she called me, said she was lost and couldn’t find my place. I called my friends, and, after looking for her throughout the town, they finally brought her to my house. My “good-mannered” girlfriend then asks my friends to stay with us! Which they gladly did. We had a good time together, but this wasn’t the pastime I was hoping for!

Next, as it is nearing 10 p.m., my girlfriend tells me her mother had somehow found out about our plans to spend the weekend together… I have no idea how this was possible, unless she told her mother herself or invented that part… So her mother arranged that she stays the night with her relations who live in my town.
When I called her on Sunday, she said she was having her period and menstruation pains, so she would probably spend the day away from me. We didn’t even see each other!

I’m not even bothered that I had filled my fridge with drinks, food and chocolate with money I don’t really have. Her odd behaviour is what bothers me. Has she really spent the night at her relatives? Why did she say she was coming when she already had a plan of not coming? Was she avoiding me? Ladies, what’s going on? Gents, what should I do?

Sorry for my lengthy story, I’m all emotional now. Feel free to insult me if actually I was a fool to close my eyes to what she did. The more I think about it, the more I suspect foul play from my girlfriend…