When we talk of relationships and the ways to make it work, many little things come to the fore. For some obvious reasons, the word perfect does not seem to be the correct word here. But still we all try to be that perfect boyfriend or girlfriend in relationships.

In order to see the other person happy, every boy or girl wants to be that perfect partner. Here we specifically talk about the girl and tips to be the perfect girlfriends. W

ho do you think is a perfect girlfriend? Or when you say qualities, perfect girlfriend is defined in what terms? To a great extent, this ‘perfect’ can be said to be a very vast term which differs from person to person. Not every person is the same and hence, not everyone will enjoy the same treatment. 

In order to be that perfect girlfriend, every girl will have to understand her partner well and accordingly decide what to do. At the same time, she must be sure that what she is doing is not alien to her own nature and behaviour. In the simplest of terms, if you want to be the perfect girlfriend for your boy, be true to yourself and act effortlessly. Your actions should be spontaneous and not put-on.

Tips to be the perfect girlfriend:

Respect: When we refer to tips to be perfect girlfriend, this is one thing that comes to mind first. Every successful relationship is based on respect. If you respect your boyfriend, you will find endless ways to keep him happy. This feeling is expressed in terms of thoughts, ideas and actions. You surely would not want to show disrespect towards the people he loves and at the same time, do say you love him unconditionally.

Nagging: Women have often gained a bad reputation of being nagging souls. Remember, no man likes a nagging partner. If you have something to say, tell it upfront in clear and bold words to your partner. Leave no room for doubt. Make sure what you have to say has a proper beginning and an end.

Space: Give your partner the much needed breathing space. If you try to be all over him, you will surely give him all the reasons to run away from you. Let him go out with his friends, have his ‘me’ times and enjoy his life with you being a part of it. Your life is not his life and neither is it vice versa. Besides, if you pull too hard, you might end up with snapped strings in your hands.

Acceptance: If you truly love your boyfriend, you will love him as he is. His habits, thoughts, attitudes, views, looks, appearance, personality and everything else that defines him will be acceptable to you. However, if you are looking for something that is not part of him, you will end up in disappointment – both on your side as well as his. Remember, no one is perfect. Everyone has shortcomings and if you are ready to accept your boyfriend as he is, you can be his perfect girlfriend.

Source: boldsky.com