Every man wants a girlfriend who can make him happy and above all, love him unconditionally. Now, there are some men who wish to have a ‘dream girlfriend’. Do you know what it means? A dream girlfriend is that special lady who can make a man’s world rock with just a simple touch! She is that special someone who can put a smile on his face when he is in the worst moods. She is someone who is always there for him no matter what! To be his dream girlfriend, you will have to be yourself first. Just like how women find it difficult to trust the men they date, it is equally difficult for a man too.

To be his dream girlfriend, you have to earn his trust first. After that, all other things will fall into place, automatically.

We live in a society, where dream girlfriends are non-existent. Women, these days, want certain things from their man without realising that they should give it back too! To be his dream lady and to make him the most happiest man on this planet, here are some simple tips for you to follow.

Here are some of the ways to be his dream girlfriend:

Be Yourself No matter how long your relationship is with the man you are dating, the key to make him happy and to see him smile is to be yourself.
Don’t Throw Attitude The best way to be his dream girlfriend is to not throw any attitude. Feel free when you are around your man and leave your bitchy attitude behind.
Learn To Be Accepting You need to be accepting towards him. Men love it when his lady nods her head to the things he says. But remember, don’t make it a habit or he will take utter advantage of it
Be Mysterious To be his dream girlfriend, try to be mysterious from time to time. This only adds more flavour to your relationship.
Be A Little Tomboyish Although some women resent this relationship tip, it at times works with the man you are dating. There is always a rough side in women that guys want to explore.
Have The Resistance Good girlfriends pose resistance, this is what makes a man happy. Never be that woman who says yes to everything he asks or says in the relationship.
Pamper Him To be his dream girlfriend, you have to pamper him in multiple ways. Just like how women love to fSimply Miss Him Tell him you miss him now and again. This kind of a feeling makes a man float on clouds. It is one of the ways to be his dream girlfriend.
Make Yourself Useful In The Kitchen One of the other ways to be a dream girlfriend is to make yourself useful in the kitchen. Remember the old saying – A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!
Acknowledge Him To be his dream girlfriend, you need to acknowledge him from time to time. Men just love this on and off attention.
Those Special Names Those special names will add a light in his life and a twinkle in his eyes. Calling him with those special names will only make him the happiest man on earth.

SOURCE: www.boldsky.com