Think you’re overworked and underpaid? You aren’t the only one thinking that way. Everyone goes through that phase when they feel like they could really do with a break. But if you constantly feel burned out, it may be more than just work that is bogging you down.

Here’s something that you can do that might help…

– If you feel like nothing is going your way and are unable to concentrate at work or slipping up in your responsibilities, you need to look further than just your office surroundings. Take a good look at your life outside work. If your family life affecting your work performance? Are you have problems in your relationships? Is a health concern taking a toll at your role in office? You need to figure out how to deal with that so that it doesn’t affect your office life.

– Do you eat your meals on time? Or do you skip lunch on most days and when you do manage to squeeze in some time for lunch, it is a quick 10 minute affair on your desk? Studies say that skipping meals tends to have an adverse effect on your performance and even your mood. Which is why it is so important that you give your body important nutrients that it requires in order to function better.

– Experts say that when you cut yourself away from friends, after a while, it starts taking a toll on your work performance. If you feel very tired at the end of the day and blame that for not meeting friends, you’re simply setting yourself up for more loneliness. Make the effort of catching up with friends either in person or on the web.