Being clingy can be annoying in any relationship. A relationship will stay healthy if partners give space to each other. We all have different personalities and this will reflect in our attitude, approach and opinion. A clinging boyfriend will be the most irritating thing that can shake up any stable relationship. When you have a clinging boyfriend, god help you! He is just your boyfriend and you are not committed to be with him all the time! You have enough options to manage the situation. At the same time, you may not want to hurt him.

Make your boyfriend understand that he is clinging to you and that you two can have a better relationship when you give each other some space. Sometimes, just giving space might not work and you will have to think of ways to get rid of your partner.
There are many reasons why a person could have this clinging behaviour. Lack of confidence, trust issues, no social network or over possessiveness can be a few reasons. The following are a few ways to get rid of clinging boyfriend.

Be sure Before you think of ways to get rid of clinging boyfriend, you should weigh the pros and cons of the relationship. If you see that your boyfriend has only one issue of clinging on to you, and everything else is fine, you may think of ways to get him to your path or way. Avoid drastic or impulsive decisions.

Be Honest One of the best ways to get rid of your partner is to break it off completely. Ensure that you are completely honest with him. It is also necessary to let him know why you are breaking up with him, in a kind way without hurting his feelings. You should be careful not to highlight his faults, but say it in a subtle manner.

Face-to-face It will be an uncomfortable conversation while talking about your decision on breakup. But make sure that you do it face-to-face. Avoid e-mail or phone. This will give you a chance to re-think if he is ready to avoid his clinging behaviour. This is one of the ways to get rid of clinging boyfriend.

Avoid soft feeling All those sweet moments, lovely valentine gifts and secret conversations may flash through your mind while thinking of ways to get rid of a clinging boyfriend. But, once you have made a decision, avoid all these soft feelings and stick to your plan.

Don’t keep in touch Once you get rid of your clinging boyfriend, the best thing you can do is avoid him completely. Try not to have any conversation with him, don’t connect through social media and try not to keep in touch with him. This is one of the ways to get rid of clinging boyfriend. As you are about to play with the heart of your boyfriend, be sure that you are taking a wise decision. Have a close look on the problems that he is creating. Think of avoiding him only if his clinging behaviour overweighs his love.