Unwanted hair is a cause of embarrassment for many. Most women are busy caring about only skin and face but forget other areas like armpits. And, when the time comes to flaunt your sleeveless clothes with pride, you may find out that you’ve been growing a reserved national forest in your armpit. Women are not alone, as many men could benefit from reading a guide to depilatory! Here are a few tricks to get rid that armpit hair and go sleeveless in any season.
PS: Since armpits have sensitive skin, it’s important to follow these techniques with attention and care.

1. Waxing
It is a tried and tested method by many, and women swear by this monthly ritual for getting rid of armpit hair. For this you need regular cold wax and a few clean cloth strips for removal.
Cold wax needs to be heated in a suitable boiler and cooled to a suitable temperature. Mind you, armpit skin is soft and more sensitive to other body skin; hence it requires relatively lower temperature of wax.
Before applying the wax layer, it’s always important to sprinkle a little talcum powder on the armpit.
Apply a thick layer of the wax and immediately press it with a clean cloth strip.
Stripping more than once may be required for rigid hairs.

2. Depilatory creams
Although, there are many creams readily available over the counter to get rid of body hair, it’s important to go with a patch test first. If the cream doesn’t cause any irritation then using it on the armpit hair is suggested.
Wash and pat dry the armpit before applying the cream. Do not leave the cream for more than 5 minutes. If required then you can add an additional layer, post cleaning. Discontinue use, if you develop some sort of skin rash or boil in your arm pits.

3. Shaving

Although shaving can help in getting rid of armpit hair in those last moment emergency situations, frequent use always crops up more hair and hardened hair. While shaving armpits, it is important to keep the region stretched as much as possible to avoid the loose skin from getting clipped by the razor. Use bikini razors that are meant for cleaning hair along the bikini line. They are gentler and safer for use in armpit regions.

4. Laser therapy and IPL
None of the above mentioned techniques will help you to get rid of underarm hair permanently. For a permanent solution, try and resort to laser technique. It uproots the hair and destroys the hair follicle completely, preventing hair growth.
IPL or intense pulsed light is a cousin of laser that too helps in getting rid of armpit hair permanently. However, it is a milder version of laser and involves different wavelengths of light to stunt hair growth.

5. Electrolysis
Electric shock by way of fine needles into the hair follicles retard the growth process of hairs, thereby elimination of hairs in the armpit region.
With all these techniques, one is bound to get rid of unwanted armpit hair easily and in some cases permanently! So next time, you have that impromptu party or an outing, don’t worry. Just be equipped with first few aforementioned methods for armpit hair removal, and you will definitely make heads turn!