You’ve been dating exclusively for awhile. You might be living together. You might not. You do spend a lot of your time together. You no longer bother to get dressed up and change into your comfy clothes right when you get home. You spend dinner in front of the tv watching sports or bad tv.

Does this sound familiar?

Yep, it’s called getting comfortable. Sometimes in a relationship, you can get TOO comfortable. Things might get a little boring now that that wooing and honeymoon phase is over. It’s not a bad thing, you feel totally at ease with that person, so you don’t mind them seeing “the other side” of you.

How do you get out that way too comfortable rut you accidently fell into? Well, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Date night once a week. Take the time to get out, go see a movie, go to your local book store, grab a drink somewhere, anything. Get out of the house!

No more meals in front of the tv or while online or reading a book. Take the food directly to the table with no distractions. TALK! Remember doing that? It’s fun, so do it more.

Surprise them. Maybe you plan a fancy night out or you just happened to see a necklace she’d love, so you pick it up. You found that DVD series he’s been wanting forever, but can’t seem to find. Surprises are a great way to get that spark going again.

Write them a love note. Sometimes when things become routine, you tend to not realize what you have and can often take it for granted. Write your lover a note telling them how grateful you are for them and tell them something you love about them. Make sure that last part is something you haven’t told them before. Knowing you’re appreciated is the best feeling.