How To Get Over A Painful Heart Break

black couple break up1

“I and my boyfriend were in long- distance relationship. I felt shattered when the bitterest facet of our relationship got disclosed. He cheated on me, and I thought it’s all over now. It is strange, he still claims that he loves me, and wants to continue the relationship. After all this, I am broken.”


Well! Nothing new in it! We disregard our own judgment; we start to think about other’s feelings. But actually, there is no need to struggle. Just move on, cut all your losses, and give a kick to all those memories that turn to monsters.

Especially long distance liaison is never easy. It’s always been very delicate situation. Couples need to unwrap it, which in turn, requires patience, trust, and sexual ingenuity. It’s good to leave your darken past, and move on in a brighter day.

Let’s read on to know the useful tips to move on, and forget the past broken relationship.

1. Neglecting Friendship

One should learn things from past relationship and try not to repeat it. Boyfriends come and go, but true friends are for forever. Never think of leaving your friends because of your loser guy. You need to have a clear vision to see the truthful path.

2.  Looser Never Win

One should forgive anyone, but not a cheater. A person, who claims to be in love with you and cheat on your back, is a coward. You think that they deserve true love and your attention. Girls, stop being an emotional fool, and look ahead for your future.

3.  Love Yourselves

If you are not in love with yourself, you won’t be able to get satisfaction in the relationship. Before keeping any expectation of getting your love back, all you need to do is, be self-assured. Start loving and pampering yourself. It will boost the confidence in you, and will give correct direction to your life.

4. Walk Away

I know it hurts, when someone lies, cheat, or break trust, but it’s in your hand to walk away from a person, or to bear the burden of a broken relationship. It may suck, but you will appreciate your decision in future. Trust me, it’s all in our hands, whether make it or break it.

5.  Say No to Hanky After Break Up

No friendship, no contact, and no hi-bye! The person, who betrayed you once, he can cheat you again. You simply can’t trust him anymore. You need to give a space to your heart, and need not to become his friend again; otherwise, you will end up with a traumatic situation. So, just clean up the mess, live your life, and move on happily.