Use red fruit juice. Starting with conditioned lips, dip a cotton swab into a small container of red fruit juice. Rub the juice over your lips, staying within your lip lines, and allow the juice to dry. Apply more layers for deeper color. Seal the color using a clear lip balm. Any of the following types of juice will work: Cherry juice, Cranberry juice, Pomegranate juice, Strawberry juice (for a pinker hue)

Stay hydrated. If your body is dehydrated, it’ll show up in your lips. Start each day with a full glass of water. For each cup of coffee or soda you have throughout the day, drink a full glass of water to make sure you stay hydrated. When you have alcohol, make sure to follow it with plenty of water. That way you won’t wake up with dry lips.

Avoid smoking. Smoking tobacco products can lead to lip discoloration. It also causes lip wrinkles and thinning. When you’re going for a natural red color, it’s best to avoid smoking altogether.