How to get healthy hair?

So you love your hair, huh? A woman’s hair is the second best accessory, besides her smile, of course. You want to keep your hair healthy and in amazing condition, right? Well, we are going to give you a few tips to help you get that beautiful silky hair you’ve always wanted:

1. Try not to dye your hair

Dying your hair can easily hurt it, especially if you bleach it. It can cause your hair to fall out and to make split ends worse. If you must dye or bleach your hair, always moisturize it and do hair masks to keep it well conditioned.

2. Try not to use heat products or use them rarely

Yes, we know this one will be hard. But heat on your hair will make it worse and ultimately fry fragile hair. Use a heat protecting spray, if you must use heating tools for your hair, and avoid heating your hair every day.

3. Get regular trims

You don’t have to cut three inches off of your locks. But getting regular trims will help keep split ends at bay and you can have beautiful healthy hair that will make you feel and look your best. Try to aim for every 6-8 weeks to keep your ends trimmed up.

4. Eat a good, balanced diet

Eating a good diet can help your hair stay healthy and strong. Eating healthy can give your hair the true vitamins and minerals it needs to keep your hair growing and in great condition. Make sure to not eat too much junk food, or it will reflect in later months in your hair.

5. Use deep conditioning treatments

Deep conditioning treatments in your hair can really keep your locks moisturized, healthy and strong. Even using a regular conditioner or shop bought hair mask can significantly help your hair stay in tip top condition. A hot oil treatment can do the trick, as well.

6. Shampoo and condition every few days

Don’t wash your hair every day. This will only strip your hair of the natural oils that can help your hair maintain its shine and strength. Opt for a dry shampoo to help extend the wash for a few days, so that you can still have a decent hairstyle.

7. Don’t use too many hair products

It’s okay to use hairspray and other products once in a while, but they can be damaging to the hair as well. It can cause problems due to the abundance of chemicals and artificial things that can stay in your hair for a long time. Only use styling products sparingly, and when you absolutely need it.

8. Take supplements for a great handful of strands

Taking supplements can help you to have your hair grow faster and maintain its health. Folic acid, and vitamin B are great vitamins that can help your hair get the nutrients it needs for a great handful of strands.

9. Use coconut oil to strengthen your hair and add shine

Coconut Oil has so many benefits, as well as getting your hair healthy. Just apply it as a hot oil treatment, hair mask, or as a conditioner in the shower. Anyway that you choose to use it, it can help keep your hair looking strong and shiny.

10. Let it go wild!

Letting your hair go wild will ultimately lead it to being healthy and beautiful. Just let it do it’s thing and you are gonna have a beautiful set of hair. We promise you, letting your hair go wild will be ultimately worth it!

What are your favorite tips for healthy hair?

Stay beautiful!