Yes, he’s back at it once again: PSY, “Gangnam Style Hit Singer” one of the only Korean pop acts to actually top the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts, returns with a brand new album, goofy new visuals.

He is best Known for 2012’s “Gangnam Style,” YouTube’s most watched video of all time that had even President Barack Obama dancing, the nearly 40-year-old South Korean singer-rapper-dancer extraordinaire follows up his 2015 studio album with 4×2=8, his eighth full-length effort overall.

The two music videos are eccentric, star-studded backdrops to the high-energy songs.

“I Luv It” is a clapback at haters, and the video features PSY swaggering his way around a variety of sets, including a traditional Korean village.

Watch the music videos for “New Face” and “I Love It” here: