Fat shamers, beware! Actress Gabourey Sidibe isn’t afraid to check your negative comments. After getting wind of the snarky memes making their way around the Internet following her ‘Empire’ sex scene, Gab responded by shutting down her haters in the most EPIC way possible! See it here!

Let this be a lesson to fat-shamers everywhere: Gabourey Sidibe, 32, is a queen and she willshut you down! The Oscar-nominated actress recently got it on in a steamy love scene during the latest episode of FOX’s hit series Empire, and while some were quick to praise her character Becky for getting her freak on in such a fabulous way, other social media users took the opportunity to get snarky and shame Gab. But don’t worry — she was having none of that! Immediately following the show, Gabourey addressed her haters in the most spectacular way and needless to say, we love her all the more for it.

Gabourey addressed her haters in a blog post for Entertainment Weekly on Nov. 5, writing: “Also, yes. I, a plus sized, dark-skinned woman, who had a love scene on primetime television. I had the most fun ever filming that scene even though I was nervous. But I felt sexy and beautiful and I felt like I was doing a good job. I’m very proud of the work we all did to make that scene a great opening for the episode. I keep hearing that people are “hating” on it. I’m not sure how anyone could hate on love but that’s okay. You may have your memes. Honestly, I’m at work too busy to check Twitter anyway. #Booked.” Boom!

In an interview with E! News, Gabourey later added that she’s “real proud” of the scene, noting that she was incredibly nervous beforehand. Her co-star Jussie Smollett also praised the actress for her sexy performance, calling it “hot” and “beautiful.” Haters, he suggested, should “close their eyes and shut off the TV … those people don’t matter.”

In addition to totally rocking her passionateEmpire scene (and the consequent shut down of her haters), it turns out Gab might have also made a little TV history. “After we were shooting it, the camera guy came over, and he said, ‘I’ve never shot a scene like this. And I’ve never seen a scene like this.’” Gabourey said of the scene. “I was really happy to be part of something that’s never been seen on primetime television before. And you don’t notice it because you don’t have to notice it, but there’s never been someone of my skin color, my size, with somebody else of the same skin color in a love scene on primetime television.” You go, Gab!