Do you go on a diet every morning and fail by the end of the day? Do you promise yourself that you have to lose weight and fail to make any concrete plans of how to lose weight? Then maybe you are not concentrating on the right foods to stop eating for weight loss. There are some foods that you must quit to lose weight right away. Staying away from these fattening foods helps you to lose weight fast.

How do we lose weight? When the total amount of calories spent is more than the total amount of calories consumed, your body burns up the stored fats. That is why; you must have a list of foods to stop eating for weight loss. If you consciously avoid these foods, you can cut down on a lot of calories automatically. So keep a list of foods to stop eating in mind so that you can work on losing weight quickly.

These foods you have to quit in order to lose weight have to be stopped completely if you want to shed those extra pounds. This is because they contain raw calories and very little in the form of nutrition. You won’t be missing out on any important nutrients if you stop eating these foods.

Potatoes Potatoes

contain starch and loads of carbs. Whether you have potatoes boiled, fried or grilled, they are full of calories and starch.


White rice is again a very starchy form of carbohydrate. White rice is the worst with the lowest fibre content. Rice gets digested easily and you have to spend very few calories to digest it. Brown rice and other types of lesser polished rice are slightly better in terms of weight gain.


I have seen some people opt for noodles instead of rice at Chinese takeaways. This is an exercise in futility. Noodles are actually much more fattening than rice because it contains flour and it is also tossed in tons of oil.


Fruits have natural sugar and that is always healthy but not for people who are trying to lose weight. Mangoes in particular have very high sugar content and you have to sacrifice this fruit if you want to lose weight.


Butter has no health benefits for people who are fat. It contains cholesterol and loads of extra fats that will not help you lose weight.

White Bread

Most bread products contain refined white flour in them. The brown bread that you buy is not healthy by virtue of its colour. Flour and yeast are just as bad for weight loss as rice.


Pasta is made from white flour. Until and unless you buy whole wheat pasta, you will be consuming raw calories with your pasta.

Red Meat

Red meat contains too much of fats per grams. Even the lean cuts of red meat are fattening. Besides, red meat has loads of bad cholesterol on it as well.


There is a debate on whether cheese is healthy or not. Cheese certainly contains calcium and milk proteins. But at the end of the day, cheese has fats and that is not good for weight loss diets.


Some types of beans like red kidney beans are very starchy. A bowl of cooked rajma is usually gooey and that is due to the starch. Avoid both fresh and dry beans when you are trying to lose weight.