In more than half of the public toilets across the country hygiene condition is very poor. There needs to be more awareness around ways to improve public bathrooms. For now, we always try to avoid them but in some extreme conditions it is not possible. Don’t worry you can use them just follow some safety guidelines

1. Always open door of public toilet with back of your hand

With this you can avoid bacteria touching your palm and fingers. You should always take care of palm and fingers as bacteria can directly enter your mouth, nose from fingers.

Or you if you have tissue paper, you can use it top open door. Do not touch your finger directly with door handle

2. Use tissue paper to flush

Always over your hands with tissue paper while using flush. This area is full of bacteria so be careful. Also if flush is down, use foot instead of hand.

3. Wash your hand immediately

It should be common practice for you to wash hands every time you visit public toilet or come in contact with any place that can have bacteria. Wash your hand with soap/handwash properly

4. Always keep hand sanitizer with you

A hand sanitizer should always be in your hand bag. Whenever you are in public area, sanitize your hands every few hours.