You see someone from across the room and think: Wow. I want to meet them. But how can you be sure that your body language conveys your true intentions – to flirt?

These body language cues are excellent ways to show the object of your interest that you’d like to get to know them better. And if someone uses these cues on you? Flirt right back — because flirting is harmless, and practice makes perfect.

How To Flirt With Your Eyes

Holding eye contact with someone you find appealing for approximately five seconds is well-used flirt tactic, mostly because it is highly effective, although its ease and simplicity of use doesn’t hurt. According to the book, “The Definitive Guide of Body Language,” by Alan and Barbara Pease, the person initiating the flirt will – on average – need to lock eyes three times before the flirt recipient catches on.

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How To Flirt By Preening

There are many, many ways one groom themselves in public in a flattering yet flirty way, depending on your gender. Ladies can try some hair stroking, posture enhancing, neck exposing, hip tilting (if standing), clothes straightening or lip licking – all with the intention of calling attention to her attractiveness. Men can also straighten their clothing, lick their lips or fix their hair, but they should also include things like hooking their fingers into their pants (if standing), suck in their stomach, or take deep breaths to increase the size of their chest. For both men and women, try to use preening body language that shows off your best features while enhancing what makes you, you.

How To Flirt With A Smile

There are few things better than receiving a genuine, radiant smile from a stranger, yet many people don’t respond to them as a flirt tactic. Therefore, use your smile in conjunction with the other body language ideas listed in this article to ensure whomever you’ve got your eye on realizes a flirt is your intention.

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How To Flirt By Pointing

No, not by using your finger silly. Instead, try to ‘point’ at the person you want to flirt with by moving your body towards them. Take your feet and make sure they are facing your flirt target, and use your shoulders to lean into them – even if you aren’t speaking with them. Other ideas include facing your shoulders towards them or ‘closing off’ a space just for the two of you (such as crossing your legs towards each other).

How To Flirt Using Touch

Look for opportunities where you can touch the person you want to flirt with, either ‘accidentally’ or otherwise. Shaking hands is an excellent flirt tactic, because not only does it place your hands together (which conveys a “higher level of intimacy” according to Alan and Barbara Pease), but it is easy way to combine flirting with an introduction. You could also try carefully and casually placing your hands on the person’s arms to very gently ‘move’ them so you can pass by on your way to the bathroom, or lightly tap their arm while sharing a laugh. And if you aren’t quite comfortable touching the person you want to flirt with quite yet, you can try mimicking their movements for a short period of time (i.e. a couple of seconds), instead.