Flirting tips for older couple

Ah, flirting – one of the funnest (if not the funnest) stage of every relationship. This is where all your senses go on overdrive. Where the electricity is so powerful, one wink can light up an entire archipelago.

Flirting is a fundamental and instinctive aspect of our lives. Some scientists even consider flirting as the foundation with which civilization was built upon. Makes sense, doesn’t it? You and I won’t be here today if our ancestors didn’t unleash their vampiness! Flirting varies as we age. As a mature dater, rules are different even if the game is the same. Pick up lines, hair flipping or even a mean version of a duck face won’t work if you’re over fifty. Please, don’t attempt to try them. Please.
Here are some flirting tactics that will work at this stage of the game:

Arouse Her Brain

One of midlife daters’ superpower is their magnificent wisdom and intelligence. Use this to your advantage by starting interesting conversations that will pique her interest. Wit never goes out of style. You can fake anything, but never wit. Nothing can get a woman truly worked up better than a mind-blowing intellectual flirting. If it means talking about what you did during WWII, so be it.


They say chivalry is dead nowadays; with the new generation probably, but not with mature men. Gallantry and good manners in general can make any man sizzling hot! Opening the door for your lady, pulling out the chair for your date or offering your arm when walking still works…big time.

Sincere compliment

Exaggerated compliments are devious. No matter how much you like everything about your date, don’t give him a rundown of his qualities from head to toe. It’s very – what’s the word – debauchee. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication as Leonardo da Vinci once said. Keep it simple. Choose one or two things that you like about him or her the most. “You have a lovely low chignon with face framing side curls tonight. It flatters your heart shaped face very well.” A little gay, but some guys are really just into hair.

Innocent gestures

Show your killer moves, ladies! The ones that make men drool, roll over and sit with paws up. Give her a quick subtle but sexy gaze paired with a Mona Lisa smirk then look away. You can also circle the wine glass while talking to him or gently touching the side of your neck.

The soft touch

Boisterous laugh with follow-up hard spank on a man’s shoulder is not exactly the kind of flirting is appropriate for your age group. Try a classier version of that; classier but still playful. Touch his forearm or shoulder while letting out an elegant giggle.

Pay close attention

Listen intently to what she’s saying and ask her questions about it. Be interested. Be very interested. Don’t just nod and smile after every sentence while your brain is drifting somewhere else. Let her know that she matters.

It’s okay if it doesn’t work all the time. You are now in the stage where you can just flirt for the sake of it. Marriage, children? Been there, done that. You can now focus on you and just simply have fun!