I am stunned at the rate at which men have been continuously lambasted over this ‘unromantic’ mien. First, let’s admit that our lasses are now migrating to the west. Just like wild beasts, they are looking for greener pastures or you can call it sunshine.  I bet they are edging closer to becoming an eighth wonder of the world. It isn’t bad idea at all. Our naija brodas are pumping into our fragile economy as foreign investors. At least, we earn big bucks from dowries. This is one side of the coin. I am a bit worried at this mass exodus. We are staring at a looming crisis in a foreseeable future, when the sons of the land will fight over damsels because they are scarce. The signs are out there.  Men, must roll back the carpet, pronto. Take a cue in mass action at what the members of the opposite sex wish in every man:


I watched on the prime time news to my uttermost disbelief when two young men were paraded in the public. Someone told me it is no longer abnormal to see men being bathed by their colleagues.  They admitted in front of barrage of journalists that there was no time to freshen up. Unless you want to die a bachelor chasing money, serious men take care of their bodies. Women drool over men who are tidy and well-groomed. Good smell will give you an edge over other suitors.

Sense of humor

Back in campus, there was a dude who had a different girl for every semester. While, he had no money to dish out, his weapons was which were well-tailored. It worked like a charm. My point is women (unlike men) are attached to emotions. Now, you know why those comedy shows attract women as compared to men. Punchy words will place you on the velvet but you should avoid insensitive jokes which can misfire miserably.


You may have wondered why women have sired kids with prominent men such as doctors. They want to be what the doctor ordered. Women feel safe under arms of men who are smart in the upstairs. Someone whom she can entrust her life to, more importantly she can look up to for the right decisions in a quandary. A man who is pulled like cart is the last thing a woman may wish to possess.


This is one virtue that drives a relationship through thick and thin. It is like air in a balloon which can’t be touched but primal. When you prick it, it will be rendered useless. Women value honesty more than those flowers. A lie can dismantle the trust she had for you. Be honest, she will understand it.  Tell her the truth even if it is bitter, it might not make her happy but she will be grateful.

Respect her space

Contrary to the opinion that women love to hang around their men, they actually appreciate space. Skirt wearers loathe guys who act like body guards or presidential aide-de-camp. You may want to accompany her to any event even a salon. Just because you enjoy her company shouldn’t make you her shadow. My unsolicited piece of advice, please encourage her to hang around more with her girlfriends or engage in her hobbies.