6. You Don’t Always Have To Be The Solution
Sometimes, people just need to vent. When she’s upset, she doesn’t necessarily want you to fix everything for her. Sometimes, it’s enough that you just be there to listen and hug her.

7. Honesty Is Beautiful
Real love is showing another person your true self. If you can’t handle her most secret self or open up enough to share yours then you have to reconsider the relationship.

8. Never Ask Her If She’s On Her Period
No matter how irrational, emotional or upset she is acting, this question is never helpful. It’s rude, and will only cause her negative emotions to focus on you.

9. People Change
The person she is now is not the person she was. Even if she has things she is working on, you can help her to become her best self.

10. You Don’t Have To Understand To Be There For Her
You don’t always have to understand her problems to give her the support she needs to work through it.

11. Put Her First
Women are often in the habit of putting the needs of their loved ones before themselves. Make sure that her needs and interests are being met too.

12. Every Woman Is Different
No piece of advice is perfect for every person. Treat her with the love, respect and kindness that she deserves as an equal.

(H/T: Positivemed )