Even when you are in love with a woman it can be hard to understand what she really needs from you as a loving and caring partner. Although no dating advice is perfect, these 12 relationship guidelines will help you to love and respect her even when things get a little stormy.

1. Her Body, Her Choice
This goes for everything from her hairstyle to her birth control choices. Respect her right to choose

2. Always Root For Her
Being her biggest fan is the best way to show emotional support. If you love her, she should always know you are in her corner.

3. Trust And Honesty Are Crucial
If you don’t have her trust, you don’t have anything. Trust can only be built through sincere and honest communication.

4. Work To Keep Her
The journey isn’t over once you’ve won her heart. Many men tend to stop trying once the girl of their dreams is by their side. Show her daily that she was worth the effort.

5. Little Details Make A Difference
Paying attention to the details isn’t just about noticing when she gets a new haircut. Active listening during conversations will help her to feel like you notice and care about the details.