Somewhere deep inside of us we understand the value of good communication. After all, communication is what allows us to have some of the great things in life such as our relationships, careers and spiritual life.

Yet, many marriages fail. When couples are asked why? They often site poor communication as the main culprit. According to national statistics poor communication is the number one reason for divorce. One thing I have learned over the years is that maintaining a marriage takes constant communication.

But communicating is more than just discussing an issue. Great communication requires flexibility, care and selflessness. However, today I want to help you identify if poor communication is a cause to be concern in your relationship.

5 signs that poor communication is causing a divide in your relationship:

1. You argue over seemingly meaningless things.
If you find yourself having repeated arguments about whose turn it is to take the trash out or washing the dishes. You more than likely have bigger issues that need to be worked out.

2. You avoid your spouse
By working a lot of hours or spending time with the kids so you can avoid repeated arguments about the issues you are currently faced with.

3. You can’t remember the last time you had s*x
Many times when communication is breaking down, a couple will stop having s*x. A lack of s*x in a relationship often represents a stand still on some major issue going on in the couple’s life.

4. You are seeking attention from others outside of the relationship.

New lovers and friends often pop up when a person no longer feels loved or heard in a relationship.

5. You ignore your spouse.
Some couples choose just to ignore each other. I believe it is nothing sadder than seeing a couple who no longer can speak to each other, so they live a life of silence. Silence is often the ultimate sign that the relationship is fatal.

Fortunately, for you acquiring good communication skills is definitely attainable. Communication is a learned behavior. We can learn to be open and to understand our lover better with a lot of great tools and techniques. Make your relationship a priority by seeking counseling, attending marriage seminars or joining a marriage retreat this year. This is your season to invest in your relationship and allow it to thrive.