12. When you read a story about how often you should buy new ones while you’re wearing a bra that’s, like, five years old, like every single bra you own.


13. When you get measured for a bra and they tell you you’ve been wearing the wrong size for, like, 20 years. And now you’ll never know what life would’ve been like if only you’d known that sooner. Those years are gone.


14. When your favorite bra loses its elasticity or pops a wire, and it’s an instant bra funeral. You can try to keep wearing it anyway, but its spirit has left its body and you know this.

15. The primal need to rip it off your body the second you get home. How I don’t let out a vicious “Nyyyyeaahhh!” roar every time I tear it away violently from my boobs I will never know.