9. When you’re buying a bra but your boobs are slightly different sizes and you’re like, “OK which of you is going to spill out and which one of you is going to be tucked away in too much fabric like an egg in a hammock?”

10. How there is basically no bra on earth that doesn’t show through your clothes. Lacy ones? Definitely. Grandma bras? Sometimes they still show, yes. Ones that have little bows in the middle? Yep, for sure.

11. Trying to put on a sports bra should be an Olympic event. “Here we have Lane trying to get the bra over her head and now through her arms. Oh, now let’s watch as she at once lifts her boobs so they’re too high, so she can pull the bra quickly over them and squish them around inside the bra. Wow, she really is breathing heavily.”