You splashed on her favourite fragrance, booked the best suite for the wedding night, and celebrated your union in every way possible, all because you were thrilled about starting a new episode of life with her. But, once you became “man and wife”, why is your bond becoming dreary? What is now stopping those butterflies in your stomach that were there earlier during your dating days? The shift from being “lovers” to a “married couple” brings certain changes in your equation (for better or for worse!). But, wouldn’t you wish to go back to those days where you were just her “boyfriend”? We are sure she secretly desires the same as well. So, here is how you can beat those marital qualms just by being her boyfriend all over again.

1. “Re-treasure” her presence
When was the last time you said, “I’m lucky to have you in my life” after getting the “Married” tag? Or, when was the last time you whispered “Gosh! You look stunning” to the mother of your kids? We realise that your chaotic lifestyle keeps you busy. But does that mean you will overlook those goodbye kisses and praises that made her feel loved and treasured? You just have to be your old self and your love life will get back on track. Do all those unusual little things that once made her feel special and admired.

2. Spend time on yourself
Earlier on, you always turned up impeccably dressed, shaved and groomed while you were going out with her, right? Just because you are now living together, doesn’t mean you stop putting in efforts to look smart and well-groomed. Just like in “those” days, when you loved to see her in that little black dress, she too loved it when you wore that blue t-shirt with denims. So, once in a while keep the formals at bay, and dress to impress her.

3. Hold her
Before marriage, you always looked for an excuse to hold her hand or steal away a simple hug. But now, you hardly get time to whisper sweet nothings, leave alone anything else. While you are out with family or watching TV at home, hold her and see what magic it does for your bond. Just putting your arm around her shoulder or holding her hand can do wonders for your relationship.

4. Get as adventurous as you were
Demanding work schedules take a toll on your love life. But that doesn’t mean you will stop planning things to do together. Just try to recall a shared passion, like listening to music, hiking, travelling, clubbing or exercising. The shared activities will bring you closer, and reignite the dying spark. It will help you reconnect with each other and prevent your marriage from becoming boring.

5. Surprise text messages
While you two were dating, you used to sent her hundreds of “I love you” texts during the day. But now you can go on for days without expressing it. It is time to be her beau again with those magical words. Even if you are too busy to verbalise them, you always have opportunity to send her love notes through text. Something like, “Fantasising about you!” or “How is your day going?” will build that flirty momentum you had during your dating days. Even a wink via text can make her day special.