For a vast majority of people, getting into relationships can be very intimidating. It’s particularly scary for the people who have had bad experiences when it comes to the dating life. The reason why getting into relationships can be scary for a lot of people is because relationships require vulnerability and trust. You have to establish a level of trust and faith in one another because you never know what tomorrow is going to have in store for the both of you. Throughout the entire relationship, you have to be each other’s light in the darkness of things to come.

If you’re lucky enough, the man you deserve will come along; he will also be willing to let himself be vulnerable to you. He may be looking to open himself up and let you in because he has grown comfortable with you. Perhaps you’re both operating on the same wavelengths, and maybe you can both be what you’re both looking for.

He’s just going to drop into your life one day, and then all doubt will exit your mind. Your intuition will beam with joy. Your heart will leap with certainty. Your bones will tremble with excitement. Your head will spin with a high. It may intimidate you at first, but you won’t let any of your fears get in the way. You know that this is what you’ve been waiting for, and you’re going to take the plunge.

For now, you’re just going to have to be patient. You have to be willing to wait for this man to come along. You have to practice maximum levels of discipline and self-contentment. When this guy comes along, you’re going to know he’s the one. You’re going to know because he will make you feel like you don’t even have to change who you are anymore. Your true self is going to be enough.

He is going to be the man who truly gets you; who is able to see into your soul and understand its complex depths. He is going to be the man who knows how hard you’ve been struggling, and he’s going to let you know that he shares that struggle with you. He is going to make you feel comfortable in that struggle because you will know that you have a partner in it.

He’s going to make you feel okay about being nervous, because he’s also going to be nervous when he’s around you. He is also the kind of person who stutters and finds himself thinking carefully about what he’s going to say because he doesn’t want to make himself a fool in front of you.

He isn’t going to be the type of man to pretend that you don’t have flaws and imperfections. He is going to be the man who sees your flaws and he is going to love you in spite of them. He is also going to willingly expose his flaws for your sake to make relieve you of the pressure that you’re feeling. He is going to let you know that it’s okay to be imperfect, and that he accepts you regardless of your imperfections.

Just be patient, and just wait for the man who is going to make you feel like you no longer have to dread the dating life. This is the man who is going to help you to understand that love can be beautiful, and that it doesn’t always have to be dark and intimidating. This is the guy who is going to charm you with his wits, and endear you with his clumsiness. He is the man who is going to make you laugh without even trying. He will be the reason you’re always smiling from ear to ear.

When he comes along, you will never feel like you have to suppress your true self because he is always going to welcome who you are with open arms. He is going to be the kind of man who will make you feel like it’s okay to text or call him at any time of the day. He will make himself available to you throughout every single second of every single day because to him, you are worth it.

He is going to be the man who will consume your everyday thoughts. The idea of him will wrack your brain day and night, and you won’t get enough of it. He will give you the hope that you’ve been waiting for. He will give you the assurance that your soul so desperately needs.

So for now, just be patient and stay where you are. Know that you will eventually be rewarded with the man of your dreams if you persist in your wait. Be confident that the man is going to come along to sweep you off your feet and you’re going to enjoy every minute of it. You will finally gain the man of your dreams, except this time, it’s going to be for real.