Is he Mr. Mopey all the time? If so, here’s how to help him out…

1. Do a fun activity together: Try a hobby out that you like — go watch a movie, chill at a cafe or simply rent out a DVD. It will instantly perk up his mood.

2. Give him space: Everyone needs some space and time to do what they want and say what they feel. If you infringe on his space when he’s not comfortable talking to you and is feeling down and out, it may hamper things further. He probably needs time.

3. Get him to seek professional help: If things are more serious, talk to your guy and tell him that if he gets real help from a counsellor or psychologist, he might be free of all that negativity. Urge gently though, don’t put too much pressure on him to do this.

4. Don’t make his happiness your mission: If his being depressed isn’t your fault, don’t make his being happy your whole mission in life either. Of course, bringing a smile to someone’s face is a nice thing, but if you make your day depend on just this, you might feel like a failure if he’s still unhappy, and then rub that feeling off onto him too.

5. Lastly, don’t blame yourself: You may find it tough to accept, but his reason for being low-spirited is not you. There could be many reasons instead. While depression is a disease, he also may not be able to control it. Just blaming yourself will make you feel bad and eventually incapable of helping him with a positivist attitude.