How to Get Dimples Naturally

This is the fastest way to get dimples for your whole life. Some people do not want to take risks from surgery because they have fear of pain. Read this article to discover interesting way you can get dimples naturally with some easy exercises.


An easy way to get dimples is to do some facial exercises. To get maximum results follow facial exercises regularly. Pout your lips and suck in cheeks in your mouth. Hold this position and press the dimples with your fingers. You can also use a round tipped brush to press the dimples. Break in between the exercise, smile and repeat the exercise for 30 minutes. Practice this exercise daily to get dimples naturally.


Another way to get dimples is by using makeup. Draw a dimple on your cheek with a brown eye pencil or a bronze eye shadow to match your skin tone on the spot where you want dimple to be. Smudge it well with your fingers and blend it well in your skin. Smile and check if you created an illusion well or not. If not, blend it well until a shadow effect is achieved. Follow it with your regular makeup.


Piercing cheeks is another way getting the dimples. However you must get this done professionally from a reputed skin studio. If it is performed incorrectly, it will be too hard to regain your skin tissues back. You will need to wait for 2 to 3 months before you would see dimples forming on your cheeks. During this time your cheeks will get healed and you will no longer need to fake dimples.

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