Sex is one of those topics that we usually address behind closed doors. And because it is such a little-spoken-about topic, the misconceptions that surround it are umpteen. While the popularity of sites like do sex video has allowed for a more sexually open society, many people are still scared to be open about their sex life Most people think that women don’t have too many concerns when it comes to sex, but boy are they wrong! Here’s debunking the myths that surround women and sex, so you can stop believing them NOW!

1.Myth: Women can have no sexual problems.

Women too face a lot of sexual troubles that aren’t common knowledge. Problems like low arousal, lack of orgasm, painful intercourse et al can put women off sex. So you might want to get a check-up done, if your sexual relationships are not that great.

2.Myth: Women are vastly different from men when it comes to sexual desire.

This is totally untrue. In fact, most people’s sexual desires differ, men and women included. This simply proves that men and women are not drastically different, rather very similar in their needs for sex. Variation in sexual desire is more related to your relationship than it is to your gender.

3. Myth: Sexual Desire in women decreases after menopause.

While this may be true for some women, it isn’t a universal truth. In fact, some post menopausal women even report increased sexual desire. This could be due to no fear of pregnancy and lack to stress too. So blaming your decreased sexual desire on menopause wouldn’t be totally fair. A lot of women still enjoy hdpornvideo.

4. Myth: Orgasm is the only way you can feel sexually satisfied.

Most women like foreplay and cuddling more than sex and if that’s missing, they’ll probably never feel fully satisfied. So if you thought a good orgasm was the only way to be happy, think again. You can see plenty of this in how women enjoy sex on websites similar to They always seem to be having fun!

5.Myth: You don’t conceive if you have sex on your period.

Indulging in a steamy sex session while menstruating isn’t a sureshot way to avoid pregnancy. In fact, even though the chances are less, you can conceive while on your period. The sperm can live for days on end when it enters your body. So if you ovulate soon, there are chances you might get preggers!

6. Myth: Porn isn’t for women.

Whoever thinks this one’s true clearly hasn’t watched any. Women enjoy watching porn as much as men do, and erotic images can turn them on. So if you can’t arouse the right desires, you might want to consider watching some you-know-what! Obviously there is no shortage of sites that can allow you to find which desires really do arouse you!

7. Myth: Married sex is the healthiest.

Unfortunately this isn’t true either. Marriage isn’t your license to have sex and nor does it mean you are free of all other evils related to it. Neither is sex within marriage always consensual and nor is it the safest (read: STDs). So if you think married sex is the healthiest, think again.

8. Myth: The withdrawal method won’t help you avoid pregnancy.

If you thought using the pre-ejaculation plan and pulling out right before the climax will save you from getting knocked up, it doesn’t always work.women_sex_noises_idiva

9. Myths: Making noises is the only way to convey you are enjoying it.

If you don’t want to make those annoying sounds, don’t make them. Some women are vocal, while others prefer to be silent. This does not mean that they are enjoying it any less. Men of course love to hear you scream but if you don’t want to do so, try another way or simply tell him you liked it later on.

10. Myths: Vaginal sex alone gives you an orgasm.

Most people think vaginal sex is the only way that women can reach heightened sexual pleasure. This isn’t true. There are many other ways to satisfy their needs. Heard of vibrators, anyone?