You may come across different types of women on the dating scene. But you may land in a tough situation when you start dating bossy women. Bossy women come in the same package as submissive types early on, but before you know it they may start ruling your home and hearth and entangle you in their tight tentacles, and then you are lost.

How does one identify bossy women early on, before you find your life controlled by remote control by these maiden-Abachas?

There are many warning signs, like: you do not get a chance to form or express an opinion of your own, you are always on the defensive, having to explain how you spend your time and what you do, you are nervous and twitchy all the time and your life now centers around her interests and her whims.

Bossy women do the following to slowly take control of your life..

1. She Plans All The Dates

All your dates will soon revolve around what she likes to do, where she likes to go, how much she wants you to spend, and she will also decide what you will do on the dates. Men complain that such women are enraged when they (the men) suggest any alternative activity. Men are advised not to succumb to such pressure tactics to do anything they don’t like to do on a date. If it is her turn to choose a place for a date, ask her for several options and do not accept anything you dislike in terms of place, type of activity or budget. For example, you should not agree going to a restaurant where you do not like the food.

2. She Insults You Often

Bossy women may make it a habit to belittle you all the time, with jokes about your looks, job, education or hobbies, trying to gain dominance in a playful manner. Men are advised not to put up with such behaviour in the guise of good humour. Instead, maybe you can give back in the same coin, with some ‘good humoured’ jibes to her. She will probably realize her mistake.

3. She Is The Decision-Maker

Bossy women think they know better than others. They exercise this delusion on their boyfriends by deciding everything for them, like what clothes to wear or what topping to have on their pizza. Some submissive men will let these women mother them, without realizing what a deep pit they are likely to fall into. All is lost after marriage – they join the legions often-pecked hubbies who simply cannot make a decision without their boss!

4. She Chooses Your Social Circle

Bossy women see your friends as a threat to their control over you, a competitor for the time you devote to them. Slowly they will begin to narrow your circle of friends to whom they like and perceive as non-threatening. You will soon be spending less and less time with your buddies and socializing more with people who she has chosen as your circle of friends. Don’t be surprised if you lose many of your old female friends as well.

5. She Takes Over Your House

Your bossy girlfriend just invades your living space and soon your place will be cluttered with scented candles, odd perfumes, pictures of children, sceneries and flowers and generally an alien atmosphere. She takes full charge of how to arrange and decorate your apartment, leaving you out of the picture!

6. She Controls Your Budget

Bossy women love to control their boyfriend’s budget. They would like to gain a hold on your credit card and transfer your drinks budget to finance their new wardrobe. Be wary of such control freaks, who will lecture you on your extravagance, and later, will empty your wallet while jewellery shopping.

7. She Influences Your Career

Bossy women are resentful if you are working hard at the office and may influence you to quit your job. Another scenario is when they make you quit a job you like, for another one that makes you more money. Either way, you lose your sleep!

8. She Controls Your Time

A bossy girlfriend holds you on a leash, scheduling how you spend the day. Now that both have cell phones, she keeps a tab on your activities and holds you accountable for every minute and how you spend it.

If a bossy woman is ruling your life, it is time for some self-searching and attitude reversal.
Pick up the courage to leave a woman who treats you as second-rate!

Guys have you dated a bossy woman before?
Are you dating a bossy woman?
Ladies are you bossing your guy around?

BY Lalasticlala