How To Deal With Autumn Stress At Work

Fall stress, especially at work, is a common thing these days. Doctors and psychologists have been studying people’s stress habits and found that we feel much more anxious in autumn. Gone are the sunnier days, longer lunchtimes, easier breaks, longer dates and fun family picnics. We try to focus on improving our career, but it’s a challenge to avoid fall stress. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t suffered from fall stress. I think we all face this problem at some point. But it’s important to recognize the problem and do everything possible to combat fall stress and enjoy the fall season to the fullest. With these simple tips, you will have no excuse to not stay positive at work even with a busy schedule.

1. Clean up your desk

First of all, be sure to clean up and organize your desk. Throw away all old papers and files, give the place a dust and purchase a desk organizer if you have spare pens. When your desk is clean, your brain is clean, so you will get more done in a day. Keeping your desk clean is a surefire way to stay more organized and productive throughout the day, as well as avoid unnecessary stress.

2. Don’t sleep in

Instead of clinging to your bed for those extra 15 minutes, get up and make your way to your office. Once you get there, write down the list of the tasks you should accomplish that day or week. Calm yourself by taking a few deep breaths before jumping into work, and start working with a smile on your face. Don’t be afraid of a big amount of work and difficult tasks. If you stay positive, you will accomplish them faster than you think!

3. Be happy

A happy person is less likely to succumb to fall stress, so make sure you always feel happy at work. I know it’s difficult to be happy at work you hate, but it’s possible. When I worked as a waitress, it’s was really hard for me to smile and feel positive, because I didn’t like that job at all. But I had to work to earn a crust, so I found out 2 things that made me smile and happy – music and fall foliage.

If you hate your job, I suggest you to learn to notice the most beautiful things around you. When you are happy, your brain is 31% more productive, and you also look much friendlier. Do whatever possible to make yourself smile and feel happy at work. A picture of your kids or the whole family, looking at funny video at lunch, listening to your favorite music or walking in the park are some of the best options. If it brings a smile to your face, you will feel the fall stress just melt away.

4. Find something that makes you love your job

Take a few minutes to think of the things you love about your job. It may be working on particular projects, or doing reports, or even mentoring junior staff. Find something that makes you love your work, and find a way to do more of it. This will help combat fall stress and make you happier and you will be more productive as well.

5. Keep a journal

If you feel down, take a few minutes and write down what makes you feel stressed at work. This will help you to identify whether it’s a certain task, project, or customer, and you will be able to work on controlling that. Also, write down when you are feeling creative and motivated. You will have enough information to make up the schedule based on how well your brain works at a certain part of the day. You will be more productive and get more done in a day.

6. Find solutions to the problems

Once you identify the causes of stress at work, start coping with them. Schedule a meeting with your manager, and find solutions to the problems. Suggest your solutions and clearly explain the issue. Work towards the solution that will really help you as well as keep everybody happy. It’s not as difficult as it seems!

7. Be ready

Sure, you can’t combat all fall stress, so you should be ready. Make an emergency kit to cope with it, and it will feel much less disastrous. Keep a bottle of water at your desk to stay hydrated and an emergency chocolate bar to give your brain some boost. Keeping a nice kitten photo bookmarked is also a great idea.

Coping with fall stress can be difficult. In fact, the changing seasons are difficult on everybody, because the cooler days and longer nights are not fun. But try to go easy on yourself and keep your brain happy and productive. Fall boasts many wonderful things to enjoy, so why not notice at least one beautiful thing right now? If you have some tips for combating fall stress, please share them with us!