Receiving dates online is hard enough for many men in the early stages of signing up for online dating. It takes time to learn how to email women properly, get them engaged, and ultimately convince them that you are someone who is worth going on a date with. With all the hard work that is involved, the last thing any man wants to do is get to the actual date and completely blow it.
If you’ve blown it in the past, it happens to the best of us, so don’t get too down on yourself. But if you don’t want to blow it again, first things first, you need to be aware of the signs that you are blowing it so that you could make the necessary adjustments for the next first date you go on.

1. She is looking all around the room.

When a woman is interested in you, she is going to focus on what actually interests her. That would be you! Not the waiter, the television, or the couple sitting on the other side of the bar. This constant need to look around the room is a clear sign that she is antsy, bored, and wants to leave as soon as possible.

2. She keeps checking her phone.

Almost all women that meet men online prepare fake emergency texts from their friends or family members to help them escape a potentially awkward evening. If your date is consistently looking at her phone, she has counting down the seconds and eagerly awaiting for that emergency text to arrive.

3. She doesn’t order a second drink.

If you are out for drinks, and she refuses a second drink a half hour into the date, odds are it is not because she is worried about getting drunk. She is politely trying to keep the date short and hoping that you don’t order another one as well.

4. She keeps bringing up her ex.

It’s never a good sign when a woman you are out with starts bringing up past relationships and why they failed. This means that they are thinking more about past loves then potential present ones. If this happens, redirect the conversation back to the present as quickly as possible.

5. She backs away every time you try to touch her.

If you go to touch your date innocently on the arm or lower back, and she completely backs off every time, she is sending the signal that she is not interested in a physical relationship with you. A woman who is into you will not only allow small touches, but will likely reciprocate the touching in your direction.

6. Her body language is closed up.

When women are interested their body language is usually open, they will lean into you when they talk, and they will appear extremely attentive. Closed arms in front of a chest, closed legs, and leaning away from a man is a clear sign that a woman is sub-consciously created a barrier between you and her.

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