Do you want to sexually attract a girl dancing at a club or a party which could lead to make out or hooking up with them? Here are some guidelines how to do that.

Method 1 of 3: Jump

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    Just jump into an interaction and start. When you enter a party or a club, don’t waste time. – Just start doing what you intended. This is a crucial step; the more you delay, the harder it gets. So as you enter the club, push yourself to begin, even if every fiber in your body is against it. You will realize that your mental state prior to pushing yourself was irrational and feel better instantly. Some of the ways to do that are:

    • Talk to people around you.
    • Jump on the floor and dance alone for a time.
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    Immerse yourself in a high energy environment. Night clubs and parties are very high energy environments, so it necessary to increase your energy to that level if you want to have fun. If you don’t, it is likely that you will never ramp your energy and will lag behind, standing at the side watching other people dance. So don’t analyze or imagine. –just jump into the lively interactions. This is not only attractive, but also helps you become action centered.

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    Approach her right away. If you see a girl dancing with another girl or alone, just approach her without wasting time. Use common sense when a girl is dancing with a guy and don’t approach her. The more you delay, the harder it’s going to be and the creepier you will feel about yourself.

Method 2 of 3: Dance: Move forward step by step

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    Go to her. Approach her in a way that she sees you coming and start dancing with her, without touching her. This will tell if she is down to dance and comfortable with you. There is another dominant way to do it and if done properly then you can skip a lot of steps in between. It’s a high risk/high gain step:

    • Go and grab her waist. Approach her from side or front, say something like ‘Hi, you look adorable’ and grab her waist. Don’t have a firm grasp, it will sub-communicate that you are too drunk and doing it because of the ‘liquid courage’. Don’t have a loose grasp either as this will tell that you are unsure and creepy. Keep a balance. This requires a lot of confidence which says that you believe in your core that ‘you deserve and are worthy to dance with her and even if she doesn’t want to, it would not be a big deal for you’. If she feels uncomfortable after this move, back off and go slow(if she is still dancing besides you) or move on to the next one if she is gone.
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    Place your hands around her waist. After you dance with her for sometime, place your hands around her waist and move her body in a zig zag motion. Use common sense as you both are dancing so it doesn’t not mean shake her with force. Go with the flow as your bodies are already moving with the music. Along with that you can also do things like:

    • Grab her hands and place them on your shoulders or around your neck. This move will improve the focus between you and the girl and bring you both even closer. This is a very attractive move this will emit sexual vibes.
    • Keep an eye contact. If you felt awkward or nervous for a mili-second you are most likely going to lose her. Keeping an eye contact shows confidence and also is seductive.
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    Pull her crotch closer to yours. So far if everything is comfortable between you two then the next step is to pull her crotch closer to yours. Grab her butt with both hands and gently but dominantly pull her closer to you. Again keep a solid eye contact.

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    Go for the make out. Now as there is a good eye contact, you can feel her breath, bodies are fused together, you are dancing slowly and she is not offering much resistance then go for the make out. If she denies, stand your ground and stay there as if its not a big deal, because its not. She is still dancing with you, right? A confident smile helps a lot.

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    Try other angles. Trying the same thing again and again is going to hurt your plan. You must ‘keep her on her toes’ by trying different angles. There are many different things you can do in this situation to make out with her like…..

    • Grind. Flip her around, in a way, that your crotch is rubbing against her butts(Grinding). To learn more about it read this article Grind. This is a sexually charged and effective move to arouse both of you. While your crotch is rubbing against her hips you can grab her waist and pull her closer to make the body contact even tighter. You can rub your crotch in any motion you want to keep the sexual energy going. Make sure her height is according to yours as the main thing is to keep her hips and your crotch be at the same level or its not going to very arousing.
    • Bite her neck. Its biology, while animals are having intercourse they bite each others neck because it arouses them even more. Since we have the same instincts within us so it helps arouse your partner.
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    Whisper in her ears. Since the music is loud so this gives you an excuse to bring your face closer to her ear and talk. This is quite sensual as ear is one of the erogenous zones in women. This is a high energy environment so using sexual allusions or references can help your game and take her mind off the uneasiness, if she is feeling uncomfortable.

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    Gently touch and stroke her. Take advantage of your grasp around her. Stroking around her body like her back, butts, shoulders, neck etc is a turn on. Make sure you do it gently. Don’t be a creep by going for her breasts, this is not going to get you anywhere in fact is going to reduce the sexual energy.

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    Try again for the make-out. Go for the make out after trying every angle. Remember the rule: As long as she is smiling and not leaving, she is down. It matters only if you think it matters.

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    Shuffle her to talk. After making out with her if you felt there could be a good chemistry between you two then shuffle her to a place where you can talk and connect. This is important if you want to hook up.

Method 3 of 3: Be Prepared

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    Be confident. Yes its cliche but truth. Mind creates the environment around you. Its subliminal and not completely understood, but you would have noticed it that when you are feeling confident and exhilarated from deep inside, this is seen in your actions and this is also seen in the feedback from people around you, This is also what makes you look attractive. Good things happen to you when you are feeling good from the inside. In the same way when you are feeling anxious and fear you get more thoughts related to that and this is seen in the environment around you. To snap out of this irrational and anxious state of mind, Push yourself to 120 percent and without wasting time ‘Just Jump’.

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    Keep a balance. The balance is, “I want to dance with you but I am fine without you.” This is an important balance as girls are attracted to guys who are not needy.

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    Ignore everyone else. The girl in your arms is your priority. Make her feel special, genuinely, because she is. She agreed to dance with you and allowed you to come so close to her, Right?

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    Have fun. The most important thing is to have fun. Over thinking and non sense thoughts are only going to make it worse. You gave your Mind any room to to think and this is going to destroy your game. Ask yourself, Whats the worst that can happen? She will say no. That’s it, bottom line. If you are not having fun you are not doing it right.

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    Be dominant. Women like a guy who is dominant as since ancient times men are the one who lead women. Women like to be lead. Keep the fact in mind that in even-though women are seen as leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians etc and are totally equal as Men(status wise and intelligence) but in some some aspects they like to be treated as women because of the biological factors and evolution. If you are not being dominant enough you are more likely going to lose her.

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    Its normal to feel anxiety and fear. Yes, its normal. Who would feel like home after coming to club?.