Curvy, Plus Size and Sexy

It is hard to convince plus sized women that they can wear clothes that they make them look sexy. To some, they think tight and revealing dresses equal looking sexy which is not true (for all body types, it is always not right that you have to show of your body to come off as sexy to men, that is being ratchety). As a girl on the big side, I’ve often worn jeans, tops, dresses that are a size bigger than my usual size just to hide my big butt and chest (which did not really work). I was still in my big clothes phase when I discovered toolz.

Toolz is a very sexy big woman that has men drooling. The fact that she is big doesn’t mean she has to hide her body in heavy clothes. She wore dresses that clung to her body and shows off her volumptuos curves. I look at her pictures and I’m like “wow, she’s so hot”. It was then I realised I could be as hot as Toolz, if not hotter and I am not as big as she is. I googled tips on how to dress and make myself look smaller and sexier without having to reveal anything. At first, I was scared to move out of my comfort zone and try these things but they worked and I’m here to share those tips with big girls like me who want to look hot and fabulous.


-Ditch clothes that are too small or too big for you: Thick is the new chick, don’t hide your body in ugly, bogus clothes. It doesn’t make you look smaller or takes the attention from your curves. It makes you look fatter and hides your curves but in a terrible way, you end up looking round. Your body is beautiful, big or not and deserves to be clothed with the best of clothing. At the same, do not wear clothes that are smaller than you. It will be too tight and bring out those folds that should not be shown to the world.

Invest in Good Underwears for your body type: pants and bras always have a way of making you look bigger than you normally are. Buy bras that are firm and will make your breast appear smaller rather than bigger; something like Madea’s. Do not buy pants that are smaller than you. Half pants have a way of dividing butts into two and for someone with a really big backside, that may not look good in your dress or skirt or trousers. Invest in full pants that will tuck your butt in and make the appear smaller, rounder and firmer. Full pants also sends your waist in, making you look thinner in the middle.

A good girdle makes your tummy flatter: they may be really painful to wear over a long period of time but a good girdle makes you look like you have a flat tummy and that accentuates your curve in whatever dress you want to wear. You can read more about whether trimmers work here. If you can’t deal with the stress of a girdle, then be ready to suck your belly in. Push your stomach in just a little and don’t over do it. Over doing it may make you really uncomfortable and hard to keep up for a longer period of time because you will not be able to breath. A good waist belt also helps send your waist in making you look slimmer

Wear your clothes and accesories right: stripes and patterned clothes have a way of making people look wider but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them. Pair your striped and patterned dresses with block clours. Do not wear overly bright colours like yellow, orange, blood red, go for darker colours. The right black dress makes you look smaller and curvier. Do not go overboard with the accesories, keep them simple and chic. You don’t have to wear all the chains and big earrings and bracelets before you will be noticed.

Stay away from loud make-up: I think this is a don’t for every body. Loud make-ups, if not expertly done, make you look like a circus clown or cheap. Stick to make-ups that make you look soft and feminine. You don’t have to paint your face with too much colours and then end up looking like a painter used your face for experiment. Also, keep your hair neat and a visit to the salon at least twice every four weeks should not hurt you. You should not be caught with old and smelly hair which is unattractive.

Good shoes make your legs longer: buy sturdy and comfortable heels that you don’t have to wobble in. Get shoes that will make your legs appear longer. Longer legs tends to make a woman look slimmer. If you can’t walk well in heels, there are awesome flat shoes that make you feel taller; so don’t be afraid to buy good flat shoes that fit your leg perfectly too.

Always take good care of your body: being fat doesn’t mean you can’t radiant and beautiful skin. Buy creams that will make your skin glow and never buy bleaching creams if you don’t stretch marks on your body like a map. An ugly skin is a no no. Use skin friendly cosmetics and tolietries. That skinny girl may end up want to be become thick just because of your skin.

Confidence is the new sexy: no one can do without a woman who is confident and sure of herself. She carries herself like a queen and won’t be treated as less. Men appreciate women who are not afraid to be themselves when they are indoor and outdoor. They don’t have to pretend to be one thing while they are not.

Build a “Sexy” personality: stop beating yourself up mentally for being fleshy and focus on building a wonderful personality that will draw people to you. The reason most men stay away from somee girls; skin or not, is that they have a rotten personality. An awesome character makes a woman beautiful and irresistible.

A little excercise never hurts: squatting, press-ups, skipping etc is good for you. Even if you don’t shed your weight (which is unlikely, you will, at least a little), you will be fit and healthy. You don’t have to worry about fat-related diseases because you burn them often. Eat healthy and drink more water than other beverages; good for you.