Creepiest Creatures Terrifying Kids Around The World


Thinking back to when you were a kid it’s easy to remember the time when life was all about playing and you really didn’t have a worry in the world. Sure you had school but so did every other kid. At least you didn’t have to head off to work or worry about things which your parents took care of on a daily basis. When you weren’t at school you played with your friends. When you were by yourself you, like every other kid, called on your imagination to entertain you. Yes, a kid’s imagination can be a powerful tool and we all likely remember creating imaginary worlds and characters back in those days.
Of course, a kid’s imagination is a two-way street and combined with natural fears of night-time, darkness and the unknown those fun and imaginary worlds and characters could quickly transform into a nightmare. Thanks to television and movies – and rather relaxed television regulations – our common childhood fears and phobias were sometimes given an unpleasant addition in the form of monsters. Perhaps it was that movie that your parents didn’t want you to watch. Perhaps it was a show meant for kids which included a character or creature you found terrifying. Whatever the source, we all likely had a specific monster or two that scared the heck out of us as kids.
Whether running and jumping onto the bed as quickly as possible so no monster underneath could grab us, checking the closet to make sure it was clear of scary clowns or having an adult check out that worrying creaking sound you heard upstairs, our imaginations ran wild. That monster under the bed, the creature in the backyard and the movement outside your bedroom door were mostly figments of your imagination – mostly. Thanks to the monsters of the big screen and television, all those once faceless things we were afraid of as kids were given a face and identity which scared us even more. That monster under the bed became an alien with long slimy arms. The creature in the backyard became that deformed serial killer monster you were so afraid of after that one movie. The clown in the closet became – well, it stayed as a clown because let’s face it – clowns are creepy.
The following video looks at some classic monsters which scared us as kids. To be honest, some of you may still be more than a little creeped out by these creatures today. As kids though, these monsters not only terrified us when they appeared on screen but also came to scare us when we were alone, being kept up by strange noises or having a nightmare. Some of the monsters ahead were purpose made for horror or sci-fi shows and films. Disturbingly, a few of these monsters which scared us came from shows or movies which were meant to be for family viewing. These monsters came in all shapes and sizes which meant the closet, under the bed and our imaginations were always well stocked with these scary monsters.