Things Couples In A Relationship Must Not Do

When you’ve been in a relationship for some while, you start to get to a comfortable stage of doing what you would usually do but in front of each other. Although there are some things that you really should just keep to yourself.

Let’s count down the 10 things that you really shouldn’t do even if you are at the comfortable stage of your relationship

1. Sharing a toothbrush
It s wrong – wrong – wrong! Don’t think we need an explanation as to why because you should know it should not happen in the first place.

2. Pulling hair
Pulling out facial hair in the mirror in front of the person you love. Really? Surely you’re attracted to your other half but don’t want to see them plucking their eyebrows or pulling out nose hair in the morning. One way to ruin the romance.

3. Farting
Farting and being so proud of the sound and smell you just made. Do you really want to hear and smell what has just come out of your partner’s bottom? Romance is straight out of the window with this.

4. Pick your nose.
Just like above, these things you should just keep to yourself. No-one, not even the person you share a romance with, wants to see what comes out of your nose. Go blow your nose with tissue like you would in public.

5. Check each other’s texts, social media or post.
You re in a trusting relationship right? You have no right to go snooping through your other halves privacy. If their phone goes off and they say ‘read that for me’ or ‘who’s text me’, then sure go ahead and read it but don’t secretly do it when they’ve only gone to the bathroom.

6. Talk about your past.
Even you should forget about the number of people you’ve had any kind of relationship with. The past is the past. You’re with your current partner now, focus on that. If you talk about your ‘number’ in the relationship, your partner is only going to think who are these other people? Then an argument may occur nbsp;and nobody wants that!

7. Don’t let body hair grow
Don t let your hair grow to a seriously stupid length. We’re all suckers for not shaving our legs in the winter but you’re sharing a bed with your boyfriend, do you want hairier legs than him? Pretty sure he won’t like it. If your partner is a female and you keep yourself nbsp;well trimmed and groomed, then don’t let it get out of control. Not saying it has to be perfect but let’s keep a bit of self-respect.

8. Smell each other’s breath to see if it smells bad.
If you think it smells bad, do something about it like brush your teeth or go buy some mints. Do not ask your partner to smell your breath. The likely hood is that if you think it smells bad, it probably does.