It’s more than okay to be upset, however, yelling, vulgar language, and anything else that may hurt your partner mentally or physically is going to have dire consequences the minute you unleash your rage upon them.

Try to remember why you both are even having to argue in the first place, try to realize that this is a problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later, and do your best to see their side of the argument.

What it all really boils down to is the both of you being able to communicate, find compromises, still be in love with each other, and being as honest as you possibly can.

Arguing gets you nowhere if neither of you are willing to learn from each other. Dr. Pam Spurr who is a relationship expert explains that couples who argue are extremely passionate for one another because:

“The way in which you argue signals so much about a relationship. The wise couple acknowledges this and keeps an eye on how they treat each other over disagreements. Subconsciously, bickering demonstrates you care about each other even if while bickering you feel annoyed towards your partner. For instance, it shows that you do want your partner to drink less and look after their health. Or you do want them to be on time so that neither of you are stressed out when you have places to be and things to do, etc.”

Hopefully this has given you a little bit of insight on how to have a constructive argument with your partner. Remember to be as open as you possibly can be, listen carefully, and be willing to find compromises. Love isn’t perfect but you both can at least try to understand each other on how you both can make it work out.

H/T : Higherperspectives