The thought of marriage certainly brings a joyous feeling in the minds of all soon-to-be married people. There is a lot that they think of doing together. Surely, you and your partner might also be having a long list of ‘to-do’ after marriage, in your minds. But once you are married, you might not be able to fulfil all those dreams due to some or the other constraints. This definitely is not healthy for any relationship, as the unfulfilled aspirations often lead to frustration and disappointment in the long run. However, a proper planning can be really helpful in preventing it. Setting up certain goals for your married life can help a couple to understand each other better.

So, for all those who would soon be starting a new chapter of their lives, here are the steps on how to set up goals for your relationship.

Step 1. Work together


For setting up the goals that you would like to pursue as a married couple, you should start by brainstorming together with your partner. Give each other an opportunity to speak freely about individual dreams and desires. Listing out your dreams will give you more clarity, and will also pave way for both of you to move further in a direction to fulfil them.


Step 2. Be specific and realistic


It is really important to be specific as well as realistic while you finalise the things you would be doing after your marriage. So once you have realised ‘what’ you want to do, it is then the time to figure ‘how’ you will do that.

For example, both of you decided to save a particular amount of money in your joint account in a year. The next step should be deciding on who would be contributing how much every month to reach that target. On the other hand, having a vague goal, such as holidaying frequently would not really make sense. You need to figure out how many trips in a year do your busy work lives allow you.

Step 3. Write them down and prioritise


Do not keep your goals restricted to a verbal discussion only. Rather, write them down so as to avoid any confusion in the future. Also, do not forget to write them in the order of your priority. This will also be helpful in setting the deadlines for each goal. This way, you can have a clearer idea of everything, such as when to buy a bigger home, or when to have kids, etc.

Step 4. Allow flexibility


Despite having taken care of the above steps, you still might feel stuck and find your relationship goals unachievable at a point of time. So, be a little flexible and do not hesitate to make certain revisions if that alone is the need of the hour.

As your relationship gets older, do not just let the age factor affect it. Especially for the new parents, here are

Step 5. Keep a check on the progress


Writing down the goals alone will not help you to achieve them, but you need to keep a check on your progress as well. It is good to set small milestones that would allow you to realise whether you are on right track or not.

For example, you both plan to buy a new car and finalised a deadline for it as well. Now to ensure that you will make it happen right on time, you can set certain ‘mini milestones’. These smaller goals may include saving for the down payment by a specific date, appyling for the loan, making the purchase, etc.


Step 6. Celebrate every success


Do not forget to celebrate even the smallest of achievements that you attain as you move forward to accomplish your goals. This will keep the motivation levels high, and will make you even more energised to work for rest of the goals.

Step 7. Do not stop enjoying life


Amidst the intensive planning for a secure financial status, extending the family, secured future, etc.; do not forget to have fun in life. Remember, being happy with your life is extremely important in order to be able to do anything else. And as a newlywed couple, you must do your best to enjoy the life with each other. So, take out time for each other, explore places, and do things that would please you as well as your partner.

As you now have this guide to set goals for your relationship, just make sure that you do not allow a humdrum routine to bring a depression in your married life. You have already decided to spend your lives together with each other, so why not plan out how would you be spending it. Right?