Are you still single? How ready do you feel you are to change your present situation? If you are sure the right time has approached, we suggest you should visit any of the countries listed below.

Spend your next vacation in one of these 8 destinations where the number of single women far outweighs the number of men. You might not have been to either of them yet. Broaden your horizons, visit new spots and sites, taste different food and, finally, go and meet new people and make new friends!

1. Ukraine
If you are a single man, you are always welcome to Ukraine – the land of fantastically beautiful women. The country is quite safe, although there have recently been political issues. There are fewer men than women, making it really easy to find a woman who is ready to become your life partner.brunette-ukrainian-girl-sexy-beautiful-woman

2. Estonia
Estonia is another Baltic country situated in Eastern Europe. This is a land of blue-eyed and blonde haired ladies. Despite their beauty, there are too many single ladies since they outnumber the males.

3. Georgia
Georgian women are shy at first. However, you need to spend some time to know more about them and their openness. Besides, they are quite attractive physically.

4. Puerto Rico
There are quite a few island nations, but not all of them can boast beautiful ladies. Puerto Rico is the place where you constantly meet attractive girls! Not only will you enjoy the climate and nature of the country, you will also see how warm and friendly the women living there are. Foreign visitors are always welcome, because the local females find them very attractive.

5. Belarus
Another Eastern European country full of sexy yet single women is Belarus. Since the number of men is significantly lower than that of women, you can easily find a girlfriend there.

6. Lithuania
Lithuania is a tiny country that nonetheless has a rich history, customs and traditions. Women living there are considered to be of exceptional beauty. The genes that come from Slavic and Northern European nations make Lithuanian ladies stunningly attractive.

7. Bosnia
Only a few of us have heard of Bosnia. Even fewer have visited it. Those who have already been there know for sure that there are many singles women. The country as well as the ladies residing there are truly impressive.

8. Croatia
The Balkans take pride in a small country called Croatia. Book a flight and visit it to see its nature and have a rest by the sea. Who knows, maybe on one of the beaches you will make friends with a single lady who is also in search of a life partner.