How like-able you are depends on you. There are plenty of hints and tips to help you become interesting for others. If you are a sociable person and like or need to communicate with people quite often, there are some certain rules to follow.

The tips below are effective and never fail. Try them out if you want to improve your communication skills. Watch the words that you use and the way you express your thoughts if you want others to like your personality.

1. Be a humble person
Tolerance is one thing, but humbleness is something different. People do not want to let others dominate. It is so natural that we should want to be the winners in every possible situation. People tend to believe that if they let others win they become losers. On the contrary, letting others take the lead is typical of very strong personalities. Killing your own ego is beyond our strength. If you happen to meet such a person, cherish the moment and try to learn as much as possible from the way such a person behaves.

2. Be truthful and never lie
What people appreciate is sincerity that comes from you. Do not lie or pretend. Always tell the truth in a polite manner without trying to hurt other people’s feelings. It is good not only for the person you are talking to, it is also very useful for you as well. People will trust you more willingly if they know that you are a reliable person who always tells the truth.

3. Make interaction relaxing
Whenever you talk to someone you should always feel comfortable. Work on your own style and do all possible to create a relaxing environment. Let your conversation be easy and enjoyable. Tension will never help in this case. It does not matter what your conversation is about and how serious your chat is. You can always make it cozy and pleasant for both parties.

4. Be a respectful person
Nowadays there are too few people who are good listeners. Most of us are too unwilling to accept a different point of view and usually we make every possible effort to make others agree with us. It makes us nervous or even angry when someone objects to what we say or disagrees with us. A likeable person knows this phenomenon and he knows when it is right to stop talking and let the opponent express his opinion. Being a good orator is a talent, but it is even more important to know when it is time to let others talks. Silence is golden – that’s the rule for all of us to remember.

5. Be highly professional
Likeable people are, as a rule, highly professional in their approach. This is one of their habits and they know how to make other people feel comfortable while talking business. They are never too aloof or official. They prefer to create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere around themselves for others to enjoy the conversation. They treat all people equally well and you always see and feel their polite talking manner.

6. Express your interest
During a conversation people talk about the same subject. A likeable conversationalist will keep referring to what you say. He will also expand on the subject with you and make it much easier for both of you to simply relax and enjoy the chat. You will never feel riled up and will always find your own position quite comfortable to be in. Also, likeable people are sincerely involved in a conversation and you feel how they ‘co-works trying to make your chat productive.

7. Be a relevant person
If you have something relevant to say, feel free and say it! You will definitely be considered to be a likeable person if you are relevant. This trait is appreciated by most of us. You might not find this specific trait very special at first. But when the right time comes, you will realize the entire importance and feel the whole difference.

8. Be a genuine person
It is never enough to emphasize the importance of being a genuine person. A likeable person is also genuine during a conversation. If you have a talent of making your opponent feel good, safe and secure within the conversation, you are a likeable person. It is great if you know how to make the person you are talking with forget the main topic for a while. Let both of you manipulate the chat – it’s beneficial for both parties.