A man confesses to cheating to his wife. She moves out to figure out what to do further. The man finally learns he didn’t really have an affair and regrets not having lied to his wife.


Last week, we held a small party at our office celebrating a successful deal with our business partners. I told my wife in advance that I would probably be late for dinner, so she shouldn’t wait for me and go to bed.

There is a co-worker who recently started to work with us that I’ve developed an attraction towards. It seemed that she fancied me, too.

Long story short, we drank a little too much, and when she suggested calling a taxi and continue our own “private” party at her place, I didn’t mind. I woke up the following morning in her bed, without my clothes. She was busy making breakfast, but I went home straight away. I felt so guilty! My wife’d been waiting for me for whole night and calling me, but I don’t remember any of this, nor do I remember what happened between me and the coworker. But I’ve assumed we had s*x and I confessed. She has since moved out to live with her parents and decide what to do.

On the day after my confession and wife’s moving out, the colleague revealed to me nothing happened between us. That I’ve taken my clothes off and passed out in her bed. Should I beg my wife for forgiveness and tell her the whole story? Or should I let her to cool down and decide whether to stay with me? If only I lied about where I had stayed that night…